Friday, July 24, 2009

Hard times at the mall

Our Thursday breakfast crew ate at Zeke's yesterday, which was a good occasion to update the economic situation at the Frontier Village Mall. You will note that the business headliners, as of this week, are the big American Home furnishings store and Basha's.

Unfortunately, the cherry picker machine was on hand to remove the Basha's sign, as the store is now official closed.

But then, it's been some months since Amerian Home closed out its big facility, which remains empty.

Another empty. That sign? The pop psychologists would call it denial. On the other hand, maybe it's been changed. I wouldn't count on it.

Loads of links: After a long hiatus, Steve Ayres is back with his curmudgeonly Courier Watch; if you want further local curmudgeonly comment, you might visit Tom Steele's The Truth Prescott Valley. The Yavapai Digital Foto Club is showing pictures from its recent PhotoWalk on its blog; if you're curious about that part of the Dells behind the community gates, try this Flickr set. How about some history: The News from 1930, as reported in the Wall Street Journal. Fantasy, such as Sense & Sensibility & the Sea Monsters. Or absolutely awesome garage trompe d'oeil.


Anonymous said...

The garage art is inspiring!

Thanks for reminding me to bring creativity into my daily life.

~Anon in AV.

Steve said...

Kind of makes one think that the mall is turning into a ghost mall.

Granny J said...

anon av -- I'd love to have a couple of those!

steve -- the one store that was a WallyMart was empty a long time after WM built its own superstore, then finally the Amerian Home folks moved in, but at this point there's not much biz for home furnishings anywhere. The smaller shops come and go, but this mall was hurt badly when the bigger mall opened up east on SR69.

Anonymous said...

A timely article. Rumblings are being heard that commercial real estate is close to melting down. I'm not surprised. I've always wondered how so many stores could stay in business when they are empty most of the year, except for a couple weeks before Christmas.

Granny J said...

boonie -- I've been impressed at just how specialized the assorted mall stores have become.However, I find it a grand entertainment to visit assorted shops to see just how mad the world of consumerism has become.

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