Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big brass fix

Those cases lined up over at the Square could only mean one thing -- tubas! A chance for a great big brass fix. At 4 o'clock, the schedule said.

Yesterday's event? A benefit for the Prescott High School marching band, which needs the money for a trip to a London competition come January. Below, the requisite Tshirt, which was also the costume of the day for loads of kids from the high school.

Promptly at 4 p.m., there they were, tubas galore, climbing up to the stand in front of Bucky O'Neill. Couldn't help myself; I just kept taking pictures of those big, beautiful oom-pah instruments.

Two tubas...

three tubas...

five... and (below) I do believe that the little fellow at the end also is tooting a tuba, making for a total of six. I wonder: is there a minimum age or size requirement before a kid dare take up this huge horn?

Big bass drums, too.

Of course, there were also other brass instruments. Maybe even a fife or glockenspiel. That's what a marching band is all about. Not a single guitar -- for a change. Nor keyboard. I recall when pop music was all about brass and reeds. Remember, Bennie Goodman & Artie Shaw (clarinet) ... Louis Armstrong (trumpet) .. Tommy Dorsey (trombone). Admittedly, I can't recall any tuba players on yesterday's pop scene.

OK, I don't have a word for the banner players. But they were out in force. First cousins to drum majorettes, I guess, but without the gymnastics.

There were even Union Jacks fluttering on the Sunday afternoon breezes. A reminder of the reason for all that music on the Square.

Linkage: Let's start off with a new Prescott blogger that Tombo brought to my attention -- Sam-in-AZ, who recently moved here as a Vista volunteer. He's published several posts with a newbie's eye view of our fair town; kinda fun seeing what catches the attention of a newcomer. Plus: his background color is R.E.D. Oddball Observations sent me over to a lovely video of cats getting high on catnip. Lastly, Pop Mechanics introduces the dark side of sunflowers.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

I reckon that those loverly big brass things are Sousaphones, a variety of tuba. The latter point strait up (as do some Sousaphones).

Here and in the UK, bands and orchestras with bass horns mostlly use the critters that are grasped in a bear hug.


PS I recommend the english movie, 'Brassed Off' for some excellent brass band music.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Eratta: Straight instead of OM's spell.


Steve said...

Lots of weight for those students to be carrying around. They must love what they do.

TomboCheck said...

Very nicely covered GJ!!

Granny J said...

bro -- thanks for the info & the correction. I'll have to see Brassed Off one of these days.

steve -- I would imagine the kids 1) love the band scene and 2) get certain perks, such as a trip to London if they are up to snuff.

tombo -- thanks! It was a very photogenic scene, especially those tubas/sousaphones though I would have liked a real close-up on the reflections at the horm.

Anonymous said...

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Granny J said...

anon #5 -- welcome -- and please do return one of these days soon.

Anonymous said...

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