Tuesday, August 25, 2009


WOW! An entire blog entry dedicated just to me. Just because I cursed the fickle weather gods every time that Catalyst posted beautiful pictures of beautiful August clouds. All I could think of, looking at those clouds, was the rain they were not delivering. And so this morning, CatA posted scrumptious pix of water. Water falling from the sky, not only in Prescott Valley, but here in Prescott. Complete with dedication. It was reasonably good magic; we had several showers at my end of town. No downpour, but more than a trace.

If we had received a really good amount of moisture, I could not have taken these pictures of double shadows on my street. If you look carefully, you will see the standard dark shadows cast by the sun, when it reappeared. But those lighted areas? Those are the rain shadows cast by the tree canopies, holding back the raindrops.

The great tall Ponderosa pine down the street casts a rather small rainshadow. A bit more rain and those "shadows" would have been completely wiped out. Below, the pattern left on the roadway by a passing car.

By the time I took my walk this afternoon, about the only relic of the earlier rain was this puddle on a cement parking lot..

However, it was sufficiently cloudy this morning to persuade my fancy new morning glory to stay open most of the day. Seeds for that particular beauty were sent me by both my son-in-law and my daughter-in-law. I thank them -- and in thanks for his post, dedicate the picture to Catalyst.


Catalyst said...

Oh, what a treat! A beautiful flower, Julie. Thanks!

Omegadad said...

Kewl... you got dediblogged. Or is it blogicated?

Glad you're enjoying the mornin' glories.

Granny J said...

catA -- isn't that a yummy blossom?

od -- how about blodgicated? BTW, next year, how about adding Heavenly Blue and Scarlet O'Hara to the mix, though those huge stripedy, five-sided flowers are really winners.

Steve said...

Congrats on getting some rain.

Anonymous said...

Finally, some rain!

Gorgeous morning glory. And OD/SIL will send you some more glorious seeds.

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

steve -- we'll take any that we can get, though the most recent rain was not very generous in my neighborhood.

anon av -- can you work some rain dance magic for us?

hey, DIL/SIL -- anon av has promised that you will send me more contraband seeds. Don't let her down!

Meggie said...

The flower is beautiful. All thanks to Catalyst. Double thanks!!

Granny J said...

meggie -- I'm glad you enjoyed the morning glory! It's one of the plants that hasn't been put off by the unusual August heat.

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