Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Yet another thrift

I'm a downtown person, not mall people. A major reason, of course, is that I don't drive. As a result, the closest I get to a department store fix is a visit to one of the larger resale shops, the Goodwill, Sal or Noah's, for example. And to speak the truth, I find a thrift to be quite as much fun as almost any Sears or Dillard's emporium. Now we have a new addition to the city's collection of larger second hand stores, over in the Goodwin Street Plaza.

The Stepping Stones store is slightly upscale, when compared to the Sal or Goodwill, and more attention is paid to the decor.

There is the usual collection of household knickknacks...

...but I'd say that women's wear is the major focus -- plenty of it and of better quality.

Not nearly as well stocked in the men's department, tho the Garfield shorts (below) would be a find for the right person (perhaps my Sson -- he's a Garfield fan).

The cowboy boots (for the ladies, I presume) were in the protected area behind the checkout counter.

There's a back room for guy-stuff.

Indicating just how ho-hum the computer has become, keyboards are stacked helter skelter (above); phones share a shelf with a couple of wheel covers (below).

Plenty of good hardware-type Stuff in the back room (above), including cheap golf balls, if you need some. In fact, the store will outfit you completely for golf (look in the corner above -- though I didn't see any plus-fours).

On the other hand, the telescope was seen by the store folk as being sufficiently upscale to merit a focal point in the front of the store. You can be sure I'll be back -- I scored a couple of neat sleeveless Ts, upscale, of course, on my first visit.

Linkage: Ronnie Hall, the Designing Fairy, dropped a note that she will lead a class in handmade book design this fall at Yavapai College; more info at Ronnie's blog.


AZ said...

Oh goodness, me and the Mr. go thrift store shopping all the time, we call it exercise with crap. We try to go when Goodwill and Sal have their 50% off sales, there are some great bargains to be had at thrift stores.

TomboCheck said...

Do you know if stepping stones was previously located in Prescott Valley on the frontage road?

Jarart said...

Last time I looked, Stepping Stones is still doing business in PV and is always packed with shoppers. The inside of it is not as neat as the new one in Prescott.
There has been a for sale sign on the store in PV for quiet some time. Maybe they are moving.

Anonymous said...

How nice it would be if there were more well-organized thrift stores, like the one you are posting about.

Imagine how much of the economy ends up in the landfill just because there isn't a practical way to get it to a customer. It would be so cheap to live.

Granny J said...

AZ -- Indeed the thrifts are great places to shop. I've found that the Sal is the best place for last year's hot kitchen gizmo, but the new Stepping Stones is where I'll look for clothes.

tombo -- according to the Courier aticle about the grand opening in Prescott, the PV store was to rmain open.

jarart -- since I don't get over to PV very often, I have to depend upon you readers to keep me up to date...

boonie -- my main problem with thrift stores is getting the Stuff over to one, especially big, heavy items. However, FreeCycle is another good way to get -- and get rid of -- great Stuff. I'm primarily in the getting rid of phase of my life... and yes, I'd be delighted to keep everything possible out of the landfill.

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