Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The view from the resort

Having breakfasted at the Hassayampa last week, why not up the hill to the Prescott Resort/Casino, for those great windows overlooking our fair city. So we did just that this morning. Cheapskate tip: I had a classic Continental breakfast of croissant, juice and coffee, just $3.75. Plus another opportunity for panoramic views of Prescott and its mountain vicinity.

Here's an overview of the new SRs 69/89 interchange that you don't get when you're down there hugging the ground. As one who walks (if it's not too strenuous), I'm happy to see nice wide paved sidewalks to the north and the south of the highway spaghetti.

Looking south by southwest across town to Mt. Francis. How did I know? Actually, I made an educated guess based upon seeing communication towers in the picture enlarged. We were suffering smoke from the Woodchute fire and the monsoon moisture streaming into the area; hence the soft, pale colors in today's pictures.

A more southerly view (above) that includes the Peridot as a long roof line at the right. Below, the old Ft. Whipple officer's houses on the grounds of the VA Hospital, taken last December when the dotter and I visited the gingerbread exhibit at the hotel. Today, the grounds below were verdant.

New houses cheek-by-jowl encroach the hillsides looking from the resort parking lot toward Prescott Valley.

I believe the major mountains here are Two Rock and Little Granite; in the enlargement of the picture a highway was visible across the foot of the mountain to the left, possibly Iron Springs Road as it heads toward Skull Valley.

Glassford Hill from the parking lot and a very wispy Woodchute.

A fine angle on a moody, shadowed Granite Mountain, showing the climbers' favorite cliff at the far left, and a different way to see Thumb Butte (below).


Steve said...

Enjoyed the post. I get to see a different view of Prescott.

Catalyst said...

Those are great pictures, Julie!

Anonymous said...

Love the view from The Resort. We had a bday brunch for my sister there in February, and the view is amazing.

And, YOU amaze me on how you know the names of all of the mountains and peaks. Good for you!

Thanks for sharing your photos; a very nice post!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

steve -- as you can tell, I too enjoy the different ways of seeing Prescott.

catA -- why, thank you, sir.

anon av -- I don't know them all by any means; I still can't sort out the ridges of the Bradshaws as seen from the north end of town.

Melanie A. said...

Thank you so much for the photo of Granite Mountain! Of all Prescott sights, that's the one I miss the most.

I set your photo as my computer desktop background.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

A nice bunch of 'oramas'.


Sandy said...

Lovely views - thanks to you!

Granny J said...

bro -- get on top of a hill or a mountain (and some mesas) and got got a full 360 degrees of 'em.

sandy -- glad you enjoy them!

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