Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sewing for the 21st century

My mother was my sewing teacher. Although she had a critical eye for detail, her work does not quite measure up to the finishing polish of some of today's seamstresses. Possibly the modern tools and materials make much of the difference.

The samples of the modern craft in this post were on display at the downtown library recently, courtesy of the American Sewing Guild. The intricate folded pieces (above) formed the border for the Japanese lady (below). Also in the picture: a custom-made fashion ensemble and bed jacket.

The exhibit included the beautiful old fashioned machine (above), a modern version (below)...

...as well as the carrying case for yesterday's Singer, at left. The old fashioned doll's dress is just one of hundreds of possible projects for the seamstress.

Here are others: a dress and handbags (above); cute quilted goodies (below).

Me? I haven't sewn anything major since I began my working career. One exception: four years ago when I threw out a lifetime's worth of boring white bedclothes to make way for vivid and wild colors, it was necessary to make three or four pillow slips to fill out the color palette I had in mind. Besides: bet that not many of the modern whiz bang dressmakers know how to make a classic bound buttonhole; I still remember that art from my mother's lessons.

Linkage: There's still a world in which time is a servant, not the master ... where, if you've got 10 years, you can grow a bridge across a stream using aerial tree roots. In our world, where we're still waiting for a proper monsoon season to arrive, we can keep up with weather wonkery focused on the west at one of the Accuweather blogs.


quilteddogs said...

A very nice display. Where did the Prescott Guild have this?

azlaydey said...

Way back when I used to make all my girls clothes including coats and bell bottom jeans. I made tailored western shirts and vests for the guys. And yes I made bound buttonholes all by hand. Those days are definitely gone forever unless I'm making something for Period dress.

Granny J said...

qd -- it was at the downtown public library. They have some great displays there.

lady -- ok, you're one up on me -- I never made bound buttonholes by hand, only using the machine. BTW, Mom did make all my clothes and even a few shirts for my bro.

Steve said...

i can do a button.

Anonymous said...

My mom loved to sew and cook, and she taught me both.

I took to cooking readily, but I wasn't a natural seamstress like she.

At least I got 1 of the 2 right! LOL

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

steve -- I guess the army is not quite as demanding as a mother is of a daughter...

anon av -- I enjoyed sewing and the results. Unfortunately, after I entered the work force, I began to view clothing as a collection of uniforms rather than a joy. That, also, was when a dear friend introduced me the joy of a great score at an upscale rummage sale.

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