Thursday, August 27, 2009


As you probably know by now, the decor of medical offices fascinates me. Since this is the time of year following my annual check up, I've been sent to a couple of specialists just on the off chance. Today's pictures remind me of why I became a journalist.

Back when I entered college, the standard career options for one of a female persuasion were 1) teaching, 2) nursing and 3) maybe social work (if you'd ever heard of it). To all of which I said, "no way!" As you guessed, the pictures remind me of the nursing choice; no stomach for all that icky stuff!

Of course, they also remind me that I was never going to be a real blood and guts newspaper reporter, either. I wound up working the trade press where the pinnacle of my career was one of the few in-depth interview allowed by Ray Croc, the man who invented McDonald's. (Also Col. Sanders, the real article.)


Jarart said...

Oh my! I hope all went well.

Ron Bloomquist said...

Great! If ya gotta go you might as well make art!

Well done!

Anil P said...

This reminds me of the literature I used to see at a general practitioner's clinic back in Goa whenever I landed in trouble. Every patient would see each exhibit carefully while they awaited their turn.

Your time as a journalist must have been memorable for the human interest stories the job afforded.

Is there a link to the interview you mention?

Granny J said...

jartart -- I hope all is weell -- this was a fairly routine part of the checkup.

ron -- scary art, at that. The stuff of nightmares, I'd say.

anil -- unfortunately that interview was back in the 60s; I'm sure that none of the magazine pages from history have been scanned!

Meggie said...

It is peculiar what attracts, or interests us. I still fing 'guts' to be interesting, & wish I had followed my nursing career. If I am ill, I still like a graphic illustration, to understand my condition. The older I get, the more I wish I had become a vet.

Meggie said...

Find, not fing!! Clot that I am!!

Granny J said...

meggie -- too bad you didn't become a vet; from what I've read at your post, you would have made a kind, loving animal doctor.

BTW, no clod you -- you caught your booboo. Me, I leave a trail of uncorrected, unseen typos in my wake.

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