Saturday, September 12, 2009

The action at Gurley & Grove

Something's going on over at formerly-Allison's. First, a portable fence, followed by the shovel ripping up all the paved parking space.

What comes next? Probably digging up the old gasoline tanks of this former filling station and then an interminable period of mitigation, which is to say, digging up and replacing or cleaning goodness knows how much fuel-soaked dirt.

And for what? Who's bothering to build business structures these days? I thought that the smart money just made do with the old, existing buildings and left the tanks in the ground for the next guy to deal with.

A Problem with Google Image? In a fit of vanity last night, I asked The Google's image department to fetch up pictures of my current favorite moth, the painted tiger moth (arachnis pictus). I was curious to see if my image appeared. No, it didn't. I discovered pictures of several similar moths -- and many of a popular bi-plane called the Tiger Moth (primarily models). On about page four of the images, pix from Walking Prescott appeared. All from the month of August, which is the month that the moth post appeared. And not one of 60 pictures from this blog had anything to do with a moth. Mr. Google -- you've got a problem.


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Granny J, I love looking at your pictures.

Mr. Google isn't as smart as we think. He is actually quite blind and needs a clue to guide him. Your picture file name should include the words tiger_moth to get proper indexing by Mr. Google. For example, the first image you have should be: tiger_moth_wings_closed.jpg.

Jean W said...

Re: Cleaning up Gasoline Leaks from the buries tanks - Comes the monsoons and the rains soak into the ground, sooner or later they wash the gasoline down into the ground water which ends up in your drinking water in the future. Just think of Love Canal Fiasco.

Could be the property owners hope to sell the property. Now's the time to buy.

Granny J said...

karen -- at one point, I played in The Google's game, which was to pair people up in providing IDs for pictures. This is how Google gets pictures classified, unless something has drastically changed. Besides, the problem that I noted had to do with a bunch of pictures that 1) did not have file names that were germane to the tag and 2) would never have been IDed as germane to the tag in question.

jean -- as I understand it, the tanks must be dug up only if the property owner wants to put up new buildings. Perhaps in this down market getting a mitigation job done might be a lot cheaper than in an up real estate market...

3Triangleforge said...

Granny J -- Ann Marie tells me that the Credit Union West branch on Grove (the angular concrete building) is moving up the street to that location, and that their current property has been purchased by Prescott College. Seems like a good sense move for both parties.

Granny J said...

3tri -- now that makes a lot of sense, but I still wonder if it will be necessary to pull up tanks or not. I'll be keeping eyes out.

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