Friday, September 25, 2009

Big time trash

Everybody agrees that Americans are not only too fond of Stuff, they are also overwhelmed with their Stuff. And so the annual (or semi-annual) city trash pickup day produces such throw away displays as two, not one, barbecue units by the roadside. Plus a dead ironing board, as well as a perfecly good chandelier (below) and who knows what else is in that heap.

Today, my haul included a overly cheerful sofa plus a toilet bowl and tank. The latter appears to have been the object of somebody's temper. And, like a period at the end of a sentence, there's the inevitable computer CRT topping the heap.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Can we go back to the Rocky Raccoon post? Much cuter. ;-)

~Anon in AV.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Our next pick-up of hard and green waste occurs in late October and I feel remiss in that we won't be filling our verge up with junque and I haven't sufficient resolve to empty the shed and garage of derelict items.


RV-boondocker-explorer said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could ship all that junk and trash back to China? (At their expense, of course.)

Granny J said...

anon av -- oh, I don't know about that. I think that the stories one might imagine about, say, getting rid of 2 BBQ units or that toilet outfit should be an interesting challenge.

bro -- and to think that you have a lot ore energy than I do. I've had this Canon copier taking up desktop space for years & no takers when I put it up on FreeCycle.

boonie -- now there's a presidential platform I could enorse whole heartedly. Are you going to run?

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