Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Yet another cool loo

At least for the Ladies'. Wildlife. Certainly appropriate for the Lynx Lake Store/Cafe location in the forest. Though I was happy to see one of my favorite critters celebrated, I couldn't help noticing that stiff, outsized tail. The little chipmunk is one of our smaller ground squirrels; you'll find them everywhere, even in the wood pile on my back porch.

Much better executed -- the mountain lion (cougar/catamount/puma). Not a guy you care to meet up with. Definitely not in the woodpile on my back porch, though lions periodically put in an appearance within the city limits.

Foxes? Yes, they certainly make a home in our mountains and forests, but they are very seldom seen outside our little local zoo.

On the other hand, several years have passed since the bald eagle pair began nesting right across the lake from the cafe. If you have binoculars, you can see their home each spring as you sip coffee. With more luck, you'll also see them fish the lake.


Kathleen said...

Very fun! I love the comments, too =) I saw a cougar out here a couple of years ago - running across the road - a little too close to home! Glad they are mostly in the mountains.

Anonymous said...

I know they're scary, but mountain lions are gorgeous creatures!

And, I'd rather gaze at them in photographs; not in person, I hope, unless it's at a nature preserve.

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

frame -- never yet met a lion face-to-face. Just as soon not, unless perhaps I am protected by a car or building.

anon av -- see above comment to Kathleen!

C. Marie Byars said...

Lynx Lake is so much fun! I remember about 7 years ago when mountain lions were coming down to the lower elevations. One crossed the main road in & out of Granite Basin while my (then-infant) daughter & I were out on a drive!

Granny J said...

cmarie -- wasn't it much more recently that there was a big problem with a lion stalking hikers out at Granite Basin?

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