Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Western kitsch galore!

Let me see: when I first met this cafe on Gurley across from the Courthouse, it was cool and called Greens and Things. Trendy light food of course, in its day. The place has seen several versions; most recently, the make-over positively drips Western. Really heavy on the decor, though the food is not bad either.

Saddles, chaps, lariats, hats --cowboy stuff.

A bit of old cooking ware -- after all, cowboys and miners had to cook their own grub. There's even a box of borax below.

A chandelier made of antlers -- popular in these parts. Below, a slick gambling man flanked by a deer.

More wildlife: above, a buffalo, and, below, a pronghorn. I don't believe that the buffalo ever roamed Arizona -- they were primarily Plains creatures. However, we still have several herds of pronghorns (an antelope sort of animal) in the Prescott area.

No Western setting would be complete without the ubiquitous steer skull, of course.


TomboCheck said...

Nice collection they have, and you captured it brilliantly. Too bad the Spaghetti Western cafe isn't open any longer for comparisons sake.

Granny J said...

tombo -- there's always Zeke's (of which I do have some pictures)

TomboCheck said...

Mmmm, I haven't been to Zeke's in a long time. They've got some mighty good comfort food though! Might be time for another visit.

Avus said...

I was under the impression once that all cowboys ate only beans and bacon.
The sounds around the camp fire of an evening must have been quite impressive and the air quite inflammable!

JesseL said...

There actually are buffalo in Arizona, enough that they are even hunted on a limited basis.


Granny J said...

tombo -- ep. if you consider great heaps of food to be comfort food! But then, that's the case at Lone Spur, too.

avus -- let's see -- there's always biscuits and sometimes eggs, which can be carried safely inside a container of flour. And, of course, biscuits and gravy.

jessel -- my understanding was that the buffalo were introduced into Arizona...ah, the Game & Fish site mentions that they were brought in sometime prior to the 1920s, to be cross bred with cattle (didn't work).

Cathy said...

This is such fun - I would like to entice some of you to visit my post for today and leave your ideas for fun places like this. See http://niftythings-cathy.blogspot.com/
I realize that the entire Walking Prescott archive is a treasure trove of ideas, but a quick top-of-the-head response would be very intriguing.

Granny J said...

cathy -- done! What an interesting collection of posts you've put online in such a short time. Hope you continue to enjoy Prescott.

Jules said...

Hey Granny J! I'd lost track of you for awhile. Nice to catch up again. I wish I were in Prescott today!

Granny J said...

jules -- welcome back! Today was a good day to be in Prescott. I do believe that the summer's heat has broken.

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