Saturday, September 26, 2009

Centennial Celebration

Prescott is a sentimental little city, celebrating all kinds of anniversaries. For example, just yesterday as I went walking, I discovered that it was The Day for the big 100th year centennial of Lincoln School over on Park Avenue.

Attendees were arriving at every entrance, many well along in years. One lady I chatted with said she was a student at the school in the aught-30s (the same years that I attended several different elementary schools scattered across California, Arizona and Florida.) The oldest one-time student present was 98!

Preparations are made for the Maypole dance that at one time, before the modern culture wars, was a traditional school event. I'm happy to say that I haven't seen any complaints about pagan celebrations. Yet. Because I had an appointment, I was not present for the event; however, there are a couple of quick pictures at the video posted by The Courier.

A modern innovation for the dance -- an outdoor sound system.

The oldest building opened in 1909 when Washington School became overcrowded. Among the architectural features are the wonderful arches.

The south building was constructed in 1930, according to the Sharlot Hall archives, with more classrooms added between 1956 and 1959.

The multi-purpose building dates from 1990. There is yer another smaller building just recently added that sits behind the south building, next to the multi-purpose structure. Yes, I have a picture. No, I couldn't find it. BTW, take note of the great green grassy play area below; this was a project of the school's PTA.

The latest addition took away from playground space, which is now concentrated on the Park Avenue side. Big kids play basket ball and similar games in front of the original building, while little kids use equipment on the south end. Then there's my absolute favorite of the entire playground -- the original granites for climbing and scrambling about.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

I believe in commemerations. Too bad that it is required that chain-link fencing be erected.


Jarart said...

The place has sure grown over the years.

Granny J said...

bro -- yeah, anniversaries are neat. As for the chain link fence: I suspect it is to keep the kids from running out into a major thoroughfare after the ball, The playground is usually open to the public on weekends and after hours. My grandkids play there often.

Granny J said...

jarart -- to think that two of the additions have occurred since I moved into my present house. That really makes me feel like an old-timer!

Anonymous said...

We almost bought a little Craftsman bungalow on that short, cul-de-sac street behind Lincoln Elementary.

I was looking forward to the sound of school bells and children laughing.

Unfortunately, the structures needed a ton of work; the garage... we would have needed to tear down.

But, it has an awesome front porch and an evergreen in the front that would make a great Christmas tree.

Facing the back of the school, it's the last house on the left, long driveway along the school's property line.

Do you know that bungalow, GJ?

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

anon av -- I do indeed know that property -- I've walked along the long driveway many times. Too bad you couldn't make it work! We looked at the stone cottage across the street & really should have bought it as an investment back in the 80s.

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JesseL said...

I attended Lincoln School from ~1985-91.

The boulders were indeed the best part of the playground. I distinctly remember once finding an old bullet that had landed up there that must have dated to the late 1800's (heel based .44 caliber). It's just so fascinating how much historical continuity is wrapped up in that school (by western US standards).

Granny J said...

angelina -- I trust you will keep Walking Prescott in mind on a regular basis...

jessl -- that bullet sounds like a real find. Especially for a K-6 kid.

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