Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coffee table clocks

How to describe the idea of using an expensive clockworks as a coffee table? A remarkable extravagance? A leftover from an earlier time? It's difficult to say, but I was quite naively astonished when I first saw this piece in the lobby of our art deco Hassayampa Inn. I would never have imagined such an item, but then I am not big on home decor either.

And then, what do you know -- I met a second clockworks coffee table at my ex-sister-in-law's (we're divorced) when I visited this past summer. It had belonged to her LH.

I could but admire the piece. But I didn't dare rest a coffee cup on the dang thing -- that would surely have been sacrilegious.


Omegadad said...

Kewl. Makes me want a clock-works map table... just to see if how many folks get the connection.

Anonymous said...

Great conversation pieces, but not very practical.

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea!

With a solid pane of glass on top to protect the whole thing, I'd have no problem putting my coaster and mug on top of it.


~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

SIL -- but that's so 18th century! Hey, maybe I should be pitching The Baroque Cycle at you rather than your bride. Read it -- it'll take forever, but fascinating.

steve -- I always wonder if anyone is in charge of keeping the time correct.

anon av -- perhaps yours is the best attitude toward something so obviously unnecessary

Anonymous said...

You were just teasing us with a veiled glimpse into the naked innards of this clock. There are few things more fascinating the clock innards. I don't even wear a wristwatch anymore, but sometimes fantasize about buying one of naked innards type of watches.

Granny J said...

boonie -- actually, the answer to your request for nekkid innards is that I tried; I have a photograph & my vanity didn't let me post it == the focal plane was on the dust on the hands, not on the works.

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