Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunburst plants

Have you ever noticed plants that become sunbursts if you stare at them long enough and in the right way? They are favorites in semi-arid landscapes which I see frquently when I take my local walks; many are natives.

Too bad -- a bunch grass, though quite neat in the ground, is too thatched for its sunburst effect to show up in a photograph.

On the other hand, this plain, everyday weedy crab grass grows into its own small sunburst. The effect is especially effective once the frost has hit (below).

Definitely not a native (in fact photographed in Louisiana last summer) is this cycad. The shape of the plant certainly shouts that it is a close cousin to the pineapple.


Anonymous said...

Only Granny J can find symmetrical beauty in crab grass! :)

That's why I luv ya, and look forward to your 2009 posts.

How's Georgene's web site coming? Did you post her URL yet? If yes, I missed it. :(

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

anon av -- that crab grass really jumped out at me, especially seeing as how I almost never see it in my wanderings. As for Georgene's URL, go here to Yavapai Central. Check my previous post & see if there isn't a link on the mention of Yavapai Central in the first post -- and tell me what color it is! Tnx.

Catalyst said...

Good eye, GJ.

worldphotos4 said...

Real nice shots.

diana said...

Thanks for name of the pineapple like plant...cycad! There are several I see around Austin.

Granny J said...

cat-A -- we have wonderful grasslike plants hereabouts...

and, steve, they are why the pictures work! Oh -- just for the hell of it, point your eye at the center of the 1st picture & gradually scroll down. It's a fascinating effect.

diana -- we're a hair too chilly for growing tropicals like that. I saw the plant down in Cajun country.

Kate said...

What a great perspective! However... I'm a little dismayed that you're being nice to crab grass. :) - your gardening friend.

Granny J said...

kate -- I already warned you that, as a photographer, I am the great defender of weeds. I presume that crab grass earns my protection under that flag.

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