Thursday, January 22, 2009

On a Gloomy Note

Wow -- a new and interesting shop to explore. That was my reaction when I walked from the library down to Whiskey Row the other day. Located in that beatiful Courtyard Building on Cortez. Then I caught a look at the building directory.

Three empties.

Which brings up Mr. Cat-A's Oddball Observations for the day. Gloom-y. All about closed and/or up-for-sale restaurants. For me, the saddest news of all is the shuttering of the old Pine Cone Inn out the White Spar. You see, I'm old enough to recall family trips up from Phoenix in the summer when I was a kidlet way back in the aught-30s. At that time, there was a wayside inn midway through the mountains at Glen Oaks, but the sight of the Pine Cone Inn meant that we had finally arrived in Prescott. We never stopped for food at the Pine Cone -- it was the Depression 30s, after all . In fact, I had never dined there until we moved back to Arizona in the 80s; not the most exciting fare, but worth it for the nostalgia.

I was also reminded that there's another historic restaurant up on the block: the Kirkland Bar & Steakhouse. I hate the thought that one of the last countryside cowboy bars might not make it through the current economic mess. And on that sad note, let me bring you:

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Anonymous said...

I hope things pick up soonest.

quilteddogs said...

Oh no!!! The Pine Cone is closing!!! I can't believe it. I guess it has been going downhill for awhile. Did not ever seem to be very crowded.

TomboCheck said...

Just as you are sad to see the Pine Cone go, I am sad to see the Kirkland bar go. Many memories of motorcycle trips with dad through that area, always with a stop for a soda, some peanuts, and a game of billiards.

Such is the way of things...

Abby said...

I just saw the sign for the new "Antique Arts of India" shop last week, but haven't had a chance to explore it yet. Maybe this weekend.

Jarart said...

Love the walking backward guys car. My hubby and I were walking downtown one day a few weeks ago and that guy walked backward past us. We didn't know exactly what to think about it at the time and now we know. Thanks for the info. We were sorry to miss the blogger party, we had out of town guests all weekend. It sounded like fun, and thanks for the invite. Let me know when there might be another one.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Pine Cone's demise was due to the ban on indoor smoking.

Catalyst said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I had not heard about the Kirkland Bar & Steakhouse. I'd been thinking for some months of a trip down there for one of their steaks. Thinking isn't doing.

Granny J said...

steve --- that's what all of us hope for -- things picking up soonest.

qd -- the Pine Cone was almost never crowded when LH and I went there. I wonder if part of the problem isn't that Prescott people almost never take the White Spar south and so never even notice the existence of the place.

tombo -- actually, I don't know if the Kirkland Bar is a goner, just that it's up for sale, but that happens quite often in my experience. What everybody needs to do is patronize the place so that business picks up!

abby -- if you go, will you write about it?

jarart -- FYI, the next blogger party will be Sunday, Feb. 8, 2 p.m. at the Casa Sanchez. Hope to see you.

anon -- the smoking ban? could be part of the reason.

cat-A -- by all means, go out to the Kirkland Bar & help keep them in business!

Catalyst said...

GJ - Just got word from a friend who lives in the Skull Valley area that the Kirkland place is still open. He says it's been for sale forever...but is still operating.

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law grew up in Prescott. The Pine Cone Inn was a place she enjoyed. Gary and I took her there several times. She really liked it.

I had not heard about the Kirkland Steak House being up for sale. Anyone know if it's still open? I have a personal "stake" in that place: When Gary and I got married we sort of a reception there (a group dinner with many of our wedding guests). Also, I made a surprise 50th birthday party for Gary there. I'm really sad about this news :-(

Melanie A. said...

My family used to go to the Pine Cone Inn when the grandparents visited. I think it was one of the few places in Prescott then which had a dinner show. I remember a dance floor filled with people showing off the foxtrot and balboa steps they learned so long ago. If I recall correctly, there was a similar restaurant in Flagstaff called The Gables.

Anyway, it's sad to see it go, however forgettable the food was.

Granny J said...

cat-A -- I wondered if that might not be the case; good news in any event.

dagny -- re: Kirkland Bar/Steakhouse. See note from cat-A above.

melanie -- it's too bad that change can be so painful. Of course, once a couple more generations are gone, it won't matter to anybody.

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