Monday, January 26, 2009

The two-lion castle

Periodically, friend Patty takes me for a drive into corners of Prescott I'll never walk, because I didn't know they existed before the ride -- and often, figuring out just where we were is a challenge I don't have time for. That's the case with the two-lion castle among the granites to the west of town. Somewhere. I know it's up this windy road. But I don't know just where this windy road is located.

Regardless, the site features mini-ramparts, a gate and a tower, though a moat would never survive, given our city's water situation. Somehow, the modern house behind that imposing tower is hair anachronistic.

The establishment is guarded by this lion, who really doesn't look quite big enough for his responsibilities. Lion number two (below), who guards the mail box, looks to be far more dangerous to trespassers or marauders.

Just in case the lion pair fall down on the job, there's always the mini-canon up on the ramparts. Prescott! Sometimes it's hard to believe.

A Family Note: As long as I am talking lions, moats and castles, I'll play the doting grandmother as well and send you over to OmegaMom for the tale of the Printsuss Hoo Slad the Dragin. It is a book by my granddotter, just turned seven.


Kim said...

That is mighty interesting. Wouldn't be my choice of a place to live, but to each his own lions! And your grand-daughter's story was just too cute.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it looks pine-cone-starter-fire-proof up in them thar piney woods!

~Anon in AV.

azlaydey said...

You don't remember all the fuss and anger when this guy wanted to build this huge tower on Thumb Butte? It seemed like there would be a war over it.

Lucy said...

It's rather whimsical and theatrical isn't it?

Loved the story, especially how even though she was just the servint girl she still had a horse and a sord!

Granny J said...

kim -- I guess I wouldn't mind, but I'd wouldn't want to tackle that steep windy road for my every day little walk at my age.

anon av -- wouldn't bet on it!

azladey -- sure do; I've always figured that a nice, conservative Cape Cod painted WHITE would be more visible and an eyesore on a hillside than any outre 5-story glass- or stone-walled tower or, for that matter, a huge multi-story mansion painted grey or a mossy green color.

lucy -- considering the size of lion number one or that cannon, one would expect a legion of garden gnomes to emerge in a call-up of troops. A good place for that servint gril with her horse and sord.

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