Sunday, January 04, 2009

Continuing my Friday walk...

...and a new collection of small things seen. Let's begin with this truly weird Californian who appears to be part of the West Virginia Mountaineers. Huh? He got something against the Sierras? Makes me think of someone from Florida really getting into exploration of Indiana swamps.(Forgive my bad schmeer of the license plate number -- policy here is that actual numbers are private and out of bounds unless it's a vanity plate, in which case the rules change.)

In any event ... the guy with the multi-color spray cans has been out again doing his civic graffiti thing. My favorite marking this time round is the white (below) which carefully points out the very evident location of sign posts. Again, huh?

I'm always surprised when, suddenly I discover a notable item that's obviously been around for a long time. Here it is a plaque that marks the founding of the first Protestant church in Arizona; the church in question is the United Methodist on Summit and Gurley. The not so memorable coffee tin is one of several butt cans for the homeless and down-on-their-luck folk served by the church's Open Door mission.

One more door at the church.

Down the hill at the Sharlot Hall Museum grounds, something major is happening at the southwest corner, where the former blacksmith's shop (above) appears to have been gutted -- and the building that once defined the corner (below) has been replaced with a concrete pad. Again, my plaintive question: anybody know what's in store?

Across the street from the museum grounds is the backside of the Goodwin Street Plaza. Look carefully. Note those fine fat logs? Suitable for a fireplace or for a chain saw artist, aren't they. Wonder which it is? And there's another puzzle for the really sharp eye: do you see Mr. Graffiti outlined in blue (below)? I became aware of him only after I had opened the image in PhotoShop, by which time it was too late to get a really good view

Being a nosey sort, I couldn't resist a peek into the backroom of the Builders Wholesale store; they do fireplaces and such.

Finally, an update on the McCormick Place building -- it looks like one of those three million- dollar condos has been sold, leaving just two to go. I must say, speaking as a former smoker, that the sign below is a bit imperious. If I'm not mistaken, there's a law about when and where smoking can take place in front of a building -- it has to do with distance from the doors. These folk need to cool it and borrow a couple of those butt cans from the Open Door people. But that's too sour a note for leave-taking.

Instead, I'll close with this wonderful collection of sycamore seed balls against a bright blue, sunny Arizona sky.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed th unusual shots. Things one wouldn't normally see.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Interesting questions, GJ. I must reply as expected..I know nothing..
Well I do know I'm very fond of Sycamore trees:)
Keep us posted if you find out any answers to these perplexing conundrums

Anonymous said...

I like Graffiti Man.

He looks sexy and mysterious!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

steve -- I'll bet you're talking about that inside view of the fireplace purveyor's stockroom!

brain -- maybe, if we're lucky, we'll hear from an official source.

anon av -- I was delighted to find him lurking in that image.

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