Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I wuz memed!

What's this all about, you ask. It's Kate's fault, it is, the Kate who gardens up in the high, high cold country of Utah. She to whom I owe thanks for a big batch of hollyhock seeds that arrived in Arizona via Alaska; seeds even now in the earth to catch the winter rains.

So the instructions are thus: go to the 6th folder (determined how?) and select the 6th image & essay a brief essay about that picture. Since I didn't want to wind up with some obscure Macintosh-ish app as my source folder, I made life easy & selected my blog folder for starters. Every folder within contains pictures, carefully categorized (more or less). Folder number 6 turned out to be one named "arched windows" and the above picture of the one-time Wells Fargo office was .jpg number 6 in the folder. I think I actually had better images, without the cars in the foreground, but instructions are instructions.

Needless to say, that folder of arched window pictures containes very little that is contemporary. Such labor-intensive commercial decor is very much a thing of the past. It may be pleasing to the eye, but not to the comptroller. I look at that picture and realize that other windows, not only those with arches. are made so as to let in plenty of light. They represent a period when electricity was less ubiquitous, when one had to depend upon the sun and skylight for much interior illumination.

Me, I like big windows, tall windows, arched windows. All the better to see the sky, the trees, the birds, the clouds (including contrails!) and what little rain or snow falls.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

What's the deal with the small arch at the lower right-hand side of the bldg?? Entry for 'little people'??

In reference to the 'lion post', here, if one comes upon a couple of lions guarding a driveway, one can be sure that there will be white concrete ballustrading(sp) along the front of the first floor and that the original owners were successful market gardening (truck farming) migrants of southern european persuasion.

OGD's tome smacks a bit of the Made off ore leens.


DDD said...

Speaking of arched windows.

P.S., AC, I think there are steps leading down

Granny J said...

bro -- that's the problem with preselecting the picture. If the vehicles weren't in the foreground, you'd see that the arch in question is the doorway -- and a fine doorway at that.

ddd -- thanks -- I'd never seen that Escher before!

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