Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Education of a Candidate

My good buddy Georgene Lockwood has decided to challenge the present county supervisor from Yavapai District One. Not a career politician, she is undergoing a big-time education in matters civic, attending meetings throughout the county on all imaginable issues. Water. Development. Zoning. Roads & transportation. Affordable housing. You name it, she's getting a crash course.

And then there is the fun stuff. Which is where I come in. There are plenty of places and events to meet and talk to real people about how they feel about local issues. I've been tagging along as a chance to photograph more events than is possible for a mere walker-about-town. An almost overwhelming number, it turns out. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, we set out Saturday morning for an eight AM presentation on water-wise plantings out at Acker Park (above).

Followed by a quick stop at the Apple Pan for a breakfast bite. The other person at our table: Bobbi, the campaign's treasurer.

Next, a drive out to Skull Valley for the annual Pie & Ice Cream Social.

Finally, back to town for petition signing at the Book Fair over at the Sharlot Hall grounds.

This weekend started with the Open Space conference, also at the Sharlot Hall Museum, on Friday night.

This morning, early, an Audubon Society bird walk at Watson Woods, where Georgene met a couple of youngsters interested in tracking.

Next stop, the Yavapai Cattle Growers annual Bar-B-Q (which was absolutely yummy!) Here, the candidate buys some raffle tickets for the Yavapai Cow Belle's 2007 scholarship quilt.

And, finally, a 30+ mile drive out to Paulden for that rural area's annual Fall Festival. A windy day and a chance to get more signatures. Did I mention that I arrived home very, very tired?

I had hoped to link to an article Georgene wrote for ReadItHere News, but though it just appeared on the newsstands, it's not on-line yet. All about a green zoning ordinance in the works that nobody seems to know much about and -- how difficult it was for her to find the relevant meetings. Interesting.


hermano said...

Will I have the chance to electioneer for Georgine--hand out 'How to Vote cards' etc.??


Granny J said...

Bro -- who knows what interesting things might be happening next month! Whatever. It'll be a good ride.

Erica said...

Here's the Read It Here article:


Publisher, Read It Here

Granny J said...

Thanks, Erica -- but the URL was a tad too long to show up, at least on my computer. So here's another link.

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