Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Of a Tuesday Afternoon Walk Downtown

Before setting off down the hill, I was determined to get a picture of the long-flowered 4 o'clock seed presentation. What else can one call it? Pretty little cups, each containing a single seed, which will soon roll out and down to the ground.

Approaching the lush garden down at the corner, what should I spot but several butterflies. I have to take back my whining about this year's shortage. All along my walk today, there were great numbers of Painted Ladies -- almost as if they were suddenly coming into bloom. Was I wrong about the lack of butterflies? Had I missed them because I refused to take the long walk downtown in the summer heat? I've no idea.

As ever, there were lost things. I really hope that Luna was found. As for the Easter egg, I wonder if it's been missing since spring.

I chose the little cliff path that connects upper and lower Beach Street. It's an area that's been home to the homeless, to teen-age trysts, to heavy drinking and, yes, to an expanding agave plant complex. Originally, this stretch was public right-of-way, but I was told the city had ceded the land to one of the nearby property owners, presumably the United Methodist Church. Whoever is the new owner is now asserting their rights. Wonder what precipitated the sign below: a real incident or the lawyer warning of potential lawsuits.

It's a pretty, sylvan spot oh so close to the Square! I'm especially fond of the stone wall, all that remains of an old house that overlooked the path for many years.

Downtown, a pause to admire the rooftop garden of El Gato Azul. The owners have landscaped nicely on the ground, too. Further along, on Granite Street, my day was completed by this unexpected chair at Fancy That. Ah, paisley! I've sung its praises before. And will again.


pb said...

I love paisley, too.

Don't you pity those who never walk slowly through their squares and downtowns?

It's a whole other magical world contained in the mundane world.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Had an absolutely wonderful time following along on your walk via.pc...Gand pix gj!

Pamela Martin said...

Butterflies bloom suddenly in my neighbourhood too sometimes--leaving me as well with the feeling that I might have been missing something...but maybe a whole bunch get on the same schedule some seasons, leading to phenomena such as I saw this summer, days of masses of Red Admirals.

Olivia Kroth said...

That roof garden on top of the "Blue Cat" restaurant looks lovely. I love terracotta pots.


Granny J said...

pb -- Walking without hurrying opens up new worlds for me...

Brain -- glad to have you along with me!

Pamela -- the experience was new to me. Wish we had Red Admirals here.

Olivia -- it's a tiny little creekside place, with as much outdoor seating as indoors in the summer. Very unusual in AZ, with a Spanish rather than Mexican approach to food.

Jan said...

I, too, love strolling along with you, looking at all of the interesting sites!

I think paisley is a classic which never goes out of style, or loses it's appeal.

Jan said...

*sights, too* I'm laughing!

Olivia Kroth said...

Spanish food - hmm. My mouth starts watering. Do they serve tapas and sherry?

I will come and visit.


Granny J said...

Jan -- Paisleys are unique among patterns...as for sites vs. sights, it's all the fault of the Internet and its special language. If it's real, it's a sight!

Olivia -- Tapas, yes; I didn't have sherry, tho -- somehow I doubt that Californias know about sherry. As for Prescott, I think you'd like it very much; it's a pretty town and set on the edge of a national forest.

Catalyst said...

The BRD hosted a party for 20 at the Blue Cat (El Gato Azul) a week or so ago. Great tapas, red and white sangria, and grand paella. Barry does a good job with his several restaurants.

Granny J said...

Cat-A -- 20 people -- that would take over the place! Aussie Bro & I ate there on his last visit & were pleased. Always good to have a second opinion.

C. Marie Byars said...

Hey--we live in Prescott, too!!! Nice photos. Wish we'd keep up with a decent monsoon, though!

Chickenbells said...

Don't you just love ElGato's roof top garden?!

Granny J said...

Welcome, CMB -- maybe, just maybe, we'll get some of the tail end moisture from Henrietta. It would certainly help our world which is already drying out.

cb -- the rooftop garden is very neat. What surprises me is that it took so many years for the right sort of business to locate at that spot. From the moment I first saw that little building with the creekside yard, my instinct was restaurant

ktcosmos said...


Your discovered Easter egg reminded me of a similar find in our house a few years ago.

All the kids had grown and left but the youngest. So, when one grandpa and grandma were visiting, we had Dillon hide Dove Bar eggs all over the house, over and over again, and us oldsters had to find them.

It was funny and sweet that my young son, about 15 then, I think, was game for doing that.

Then, when dusting out my wine goblet collection a few years later, imagine my smile when I discovered one of those Dove Bar eggs that had gone unfound.

I actually left it there so that I can refind it on those occasions when I do actually clean house!

Granny J said...

Ah, kt, you have more will power than I! If I knew there was an uneaten piece of chocolate anywhere in the house, it would be gone yesterday. However, the reverse easter egg hunt was an inspired idea.

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