Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Picnic at the Butte

It's been over a year since I'd last been out at the Thumb Butte area; this time it was for a picnic sponsored by the local chapter of the Arizona Archeology Society. The event was scheduled just before the Forest Service closed the area for a major overhaul. And it was the first time I had taken a close look at the picnic facilities. Pretty neat. And pretty, for that matter.

A circle of tables...

...surrounding a fire pit.

Additional picnic facilities are to be developed in the open area beyond the circle, at the right, according to folk who were at the picnic.

There's a beautiful set of stone stairs leading down to Butte Creek.

A more fortuitous sight: the highlit snag between two pine trees.

And what better proof that this was an archeological crowd than this Tshirt from Australia!


Olivia Kroth said...

Beautiful pictures again, especially that of the stone stairs.

sheoflittlebrain said...

It's been many years since I've picniced at Thumb Butte. That's really a nice place for group get-togethers..wonder if it can be reserved???? Nice pix, gj.

Granny J said...

Olivia -- we have some nice stone stairs around town. I'm collecting pix for a post...

Brain -- I think that for large groups, a reservation is necessary. It is pretty, isn't it!

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