Friday, September 28, 2007

Corn Mother Near Harvest Time

You may recall that back in June I posted pictures of the Corn Mother sculpture over at the Sharlot Hall Museum grounds.

Look at her today! She's almost completely hidden by the corn stalks that have grown up around her.

But then these are the first days of autumn and the final days for most annual growing things, such as these flowers I saw tonight, also at the Sharlot Hall Museum. I love this time of year!


Olivia Kroth said...

Quite a modern "Corn Mother", this sculpture, Granny J.

smilnsigh said...

Must be I'd not found you, when you originally posted this photo, because I don't remember it. But I would, if I'd seen it. It's lovely.

To be honest, I'm not much of a one for modern sculpture, as shown by my 'big red bug' post. But this one is lovely!!! Lovely and soft and evocative and all those good things. :-)

I can imagine have a tiny version of it, made of stone of course, and being able to hold it in my hand and rub the softness, with my fingers.


pb said...

Corn Mother needs to copied into high quality miniatures. I know many, many gardeners who would be interested.

Sort of like the St. Joseph's statuettes coveted by those who need a new home.

sheoflittlebrain said...

It looks like the Corn Mother did her job well. That's a nice little corn patch!

Granny J said...

Olivia -- yes, and by a Hopi artist.

SnS -- very feminine, round and soft -- much like Jantien's sculptures that visited Box Elder's garden for three days recently.

And I liked the big red bug, really!

pb -- an interesting concept for corn growers, especially in these days of the great ethanol rush!

brain -- a very nice corn patch. Not your usual museum garden.

quilteddogs said...

Tried to take a picture of her with all the corn this weekend but the sun was not good and the photo would have been lousy. I did get a bunch of photos of the roses at Sharlot Hall which I hope to post later.

Granny J said...

QD -- Ah, those roses. Aren't they beautiful at this time of year! I'll be checking your blog for your pictures.

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