Monday, September 10, 2007

Summer Waning, It Must Be Halloween!

Today was a Very Good Day. Weatherman, 0%; plants and critters, 100%. We had a totally unpredicted late summer rain, on and off for much of the day. The clouds gathered over the mountains, as they do during the monsoon season, and then proceeded to let loose. After a very dry August, it was needed.

But, for me, it was also a strange day. As it was for this poor snail who's backtracking on his own slime trail on one of my very wet stumps. Is this guy stuck for eternity going back and forth on his own trail?

But I had to go to Fry's -- where it turned out that summer was on sale, for the grown-ups as well as...

...for the little ones. Right next to the umbrella-ed table is a sure sign of what's ahead.

Yes, you guessed it, Halloween, the season which follows summer like night follows day. At least in the world of Marketing Man. BTW, on Sunday, saw a costumed placard lady at the foot of Grove street promoting the temporary Halloween store that's settled into the old Breuner's furniture building on Gurley Street. A very suitable, cave-like venue, I'd say.

Still at Fry's. Marketing man, again, albeit with a summer orientation. Who but an adman would think to disparage water ice by calling it wet ice? It would appear that the Penguin Dry Ice people have to cope with a world in which it's necessary to explain their product to potential customers. People who've never heard of, must less used, dry ice! Back in the G.O.D. (Good Old Days), every kid knew all about the wonders of dry ice.

And finally, yet another product for the modern world -- a vending machine that, what, converts coins to cash??? Huh? Just incidentally, taking 8.9% off the top.

Canyon Links: Nothing could be more Arizona than a raft trip through the Grand Canyon; over at the One Acre Wood, enjoy a three-part adventure down the Colorado. There's another deep canyon that very few have visited, in part because it's located on private land, the huge Baca Float/O RO Ranch. A fortunate blogger describes a day trip down into the upper Burro Creek watershed.


Hermano said...

Congrats on garnering some rain. We're doing the same at the moment, albit rather light. D'you want some more snails? We've swarms.

Translate BTW please, being isolated dpwn here, no comprendo.

Fortunately Halloween, tho present, is no big deal and ugh! trick or treat is barely existant--huzzah. In the olden days in Jax TOT wasn't known til them damn yankee Navy brats brought it with them, bah.


sheoflittlebrain said...

That was a lovely rain! Thanks for the link, gj.
Also, we loved your last post on the dells..

Granny J said...

Bro -- what's to translate? I thought I made everything as clear as might be!

Brain -- I thought everybody should get a raft trip down the Colorado! As for the Dells, wasn't it fun!

smilnsigh said...

You really _are_ ready for the next Seasonal Holiday, out your way! ,-)

You commented;
"My only problem with porches is that I don't drink iced tea, which is a requisite..."

I don't drink the requisite iced tea either! I never even learned to like hot tea. {a heresy in some places, I know... -grin-} But I say, Lemonade can be substituted for iced tea!!! :-) Or how about a nice, long, pretty, alcoholic, Summer time drink? That sounds neat too. ,-)


Granny J said...

SnS -- for some reason that I can't fathom, Halloween is Really Big out this way. Even bank tellers dress up! As for the right drink on a porch, lemonade or maybe a gin and tonic would do quite nicely.

Desert Cat said...

We must have hogged all the rain here in Tucson then, as we had a distinctly above normal monsoon season this year.

Granny J said...

DC -- some folks just have all the luck! When I moved back to AZ I made up my mind to be happy for anybody in the state who gets rain, even if I don't! I know, a bloody altruist, right?

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