Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Voting by Mail???

Of course, I'll do it -- but I really don't believe in it. A proper election involves voting booths, precin't cap'ns, and a lot of whoopla. The voters should be excited. Somehow, a mail-order election just isn't.

Yes, we've had the ads in our local newspaper and a few signs here and there. But it remains too much a whatever moment.

You wouldn't know that on one side are the folks who brought you the Lowe's strip mine; on the other, are people who think they can maybe slow our foolish race to be an ever-expanding, Big Time City. I know which way my meager vote will go.


Melanie Archer said...

I'll just say that I really enjoy going to my polling place(s) here in California, and I'm sorry your election day is discouraging in every way.

Out here I find it really heartwarming when there's a line and a bit of a wait to vote, when the polling place is somewhere I'd never usually go to (one time it was in some guy's garage!), and when the polling place volunteers are all bright-eyed freshman students from a local community college.

Maybe it's slightly less convenient than mailing in something, but as long as I can cast a paper ballot, I prefer to be a citizen with, well, other citizens.

Granny J said...

It's this particular election -- which isn't even a day -- it extends over 1 10 day period for getting your ballot in. I'm like you -- I like Real Elections! Mailing a ballot doesn't make me feel that I've done anything important. It's like paying one more bill. Argh!

quilteddogs said...

Too bad I can't vote up there. I hate the way that town is growing and all the land that is being devoured to grow it.

sheoflittlebrain said...

First there is whoopla about showing identification at the polls, but now it's mail-in. How do they verify identity on that one?

Avus said...

We are beginning to have postal voting over here. It is causing a lot of fraudulent voting.
I agree that one should "take the trouble" to vote. Set out to the polling station, be greeted by the official, name checked against the roll, voting list passed over, take it to the booth and make your mark with the pencil provided. That's involvement and gives a true record.

Granny J said...

QD-- I'm with you. That's why I'm voting the rascals out.

Confused -- I've wondered the same thing! On the one hand, we make things more difficult and on the other, easier? Doh!

Avus -- Thus far, I haven't had a single vote for the kitchen table voting scene You're spot on as to a proper election.

smilnsigh said...

And I can only hope that many cast the same vote!


Granny J said...

SnS -- I'm sure of that -- but there are the others, as well.

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