Sunday, September 02, 2007

End of Summer Doldrums!

Sorry, folks -- time ran out on my plan for a post of great chain saw art, so a quickie about today's few pictures!

Not my best day! I dutifully turned over a several pound garden stone per International Tip a Stone Day only to find all of two sow bugs, the little crustacean fellows my daughter calls "rolypolies". And that's all; perhaps if I had examined the sand and stones under a microscope, there might have been more life. But then, this is Arizona and we have suffered a drought the past few years.

You wouldn't know about the drought looking at the Siberian elm bush that is determined to survive my attempts to cut it back. However, this is the end of summer and the leaf miners are out in their millions, making holes in the elm leaves.

Pretty when viewed as windows to the clouds and blue of the sky. But ultimately pretty doggone ratty when viewed without the flattering back light!

However, you might drop by Firefly Forest to enjoy the butterflies I haven't seen this summer -- or take a trip over Mingus Mountain to Jerome with Mr. Oddball. And SmilnSigh offers an excellent bright red bug sculpture.


sheoflittlebrain said...

Leaf miners! Who knew? They make the elms leaves look so ratty I long for them to yellow and drop to the ground.

Catalyst said...

Mr. Oddball, am I? Well, thanks for the shout-out anyway.

Granny J said...

Brain -- It's interesting: my neighbor hated the ratty leaves so much she had the streetside tree cut down & DieTree (or some such) painted on the stump. But my bushy scrub is an out gowth of the roots from that tree & it's trying to grow yet another new tree. Argh!

Cat-A. Sorry, it was a spontaneous entry & seemed euphonious at the time. It was a good road trip, tho; I enjoyed it!

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