Friday, September 14, 2007

Wee Horses, Antique Cars & Elders

It's been Natl. Assisted Living Week over at Las Fuentes, where Mom lives. Different special activities for residents and family every day. Yesterday was a luau lunch; above are the costume leftovers.

A three-ring circus was scheduled as the grand finale for today. Two of the rings materialized, but a monkey and his person were among the missing on Scott Drive! Nonetheless, it was a grand morning.

First to arrive were two miniature horses from Mini Mystique. These gentle creatures are so well trained that they are even allowed to walk between beds in a nursing home to cheer up patients. Just incidentally their trainers hope to have a drill team of minis in next January's Rose Bowl parade.

Weighing in at about 150 pounds, a mini can pull two or three people in this little cart. The horses are too small for riding.

Here my aged Mom (104 in December!) pets one of the horses; dog, cat and other animal visits are very popular at local hospitals as well as facilities for seniors.

The splendid old wrecker was one of the antique and classic cars that paraded for the gathering. Here, the owner and his dog meet the dark stallion. Gives you a good idea of the comparative sizes. (Note: I held off on the car pictures because I expect to photograph more cars tomorrow down in Skull Valley at the ice cream & pie social.)

Carol and Cindy, the ladies who plan and produce the activities over at Las Fuentes, check out some of the photos taken this morning.

By noon, the circus was over, but balloons in the dining room were a reminder of the morning's excitement.


Olivia Kroth said...

What a great lady, your mother, at almost 1o4. That is truly a biblical age.

Hermano said...

Mom looks good and I note that she's wearing the lo-tech hearing aid you secured for her.


sheoflittlebrain said...

Your Mom's looking wonderful! It looks like she loved the pretty, little horses.

sheoflittlebrain said...

P.S. You've been tagged-details at my site:)

meggie said...

Your mother looks wonderful for her age!
What a nice post, I really enjoyed seeing the little horses.

Jan said...

How wonderful that you still have your beautiful Mom with you!

I always enjoy your photos so much!

Granny J said...

Olivia -- A Biblical age indeed!

Bro Bill -- Unfortunately, she's not. What you see is an alarm-ringing system in case she falls or some such. She finds the low-tech hearing aid to be too complicated, tho I sometimes make her wear i at dinner.

Brain -- Mom always enjoys the animal visits. She'd love to have a cat over at Las Fuentes...and I'll check in re: tagging.

Aren't those little horses great! And so well proportioned, too.

Jan -- Mom is sort of amazing! And I'm glad that you enjoy the pictures.

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