Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brother/sister act

Short shrift tonight. I'm spending the evening cuddling up with our IRS folk & many pages of paper work. It's not difficult. Just tedious, with no reward once completed. So I settled on a post of quick pix. #1, my favorite Aussie brother, obviously in Memphis, with an iconic local product. (I think that's popcorn in the Elvis "guitar".)

And, if you look carefully, you'll see me, clicking away in a in a local collectibles shop. I like the lorgnette effect. By tomorrow night, I might be back to normal, possibly with pictures of the local April 15 Tea Party if our weather permits.


Anonymous said...

Your Bro is a handsome guy. I did my taxes last week, and like every year, I had to pay. Hopefully next year I'll break even.

Just a small promotion. Brett Battles' third novel is coming out in July. He is having a give away of the ARCs of the novel. Nothing to do to enter, but sending an email. If any of your readers are interested, visit his site. I read the first two and they are very good.


Anonymous said...

Granny J, be courteous of who you include in your pics tonight. Janet N. can use those to spot the Right wing 'nutjobs' that will be lurking out on the Square. Too much fun!

Anonymous said...

Love photo #2.

Ooo, Prescottstyle's comment is rather scary.... Gov Janet, what happened on the way to DC???

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

steve -- the book sounds interesting, if thrillers are your thing...

style -- I'm doing a mental picture of Ayn Rand wearing one of those explosive belts...

anon av -- suspect he had just read about that Dept. Homeland Security report on dangers on the right. Such as Ayn Rand wearing one of those explosive belts.

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