Sunday, April 05, 2009

A very local art scene

It helps to have interesting neighbors. As I go out for a walk, I frequently hear the Zzzap-buzz of an arc welder. Angie, working in the garage next door.

The great thing about being a metal worker -- it's a perfect excuse for collecting all manner of strange, orphaned objects. No need to visit Kuhles (unless you are looking for images of unexpected large salvaged Stuff.)

Recently, Angie has been very much into objects that combine function with form -- in the shape of lamps. Above, a lamp in process; below, the finished item as displayed at a small showing held yesterday in the neighborhood.

A visitor to the show looks at Angie's light fixtures.

Even if the nekkid gent above is merely watching his TV, I found this smaller piece quite disturbing; the front view would explain why I'd call it "Extreme Revenge." Not quite sure about the impaled heads below, either.

And while I quite like this ship-looking sculpt, I'm wrong -- those masts are actually modeled after utility poles...

The exhibit also included photography by Kristen; like many young photographers, she's rediscovering the abstract possibilities of black & white. I'm not quite sure if she's reverted to film for some of her images. (Myself, I'm old and impatient -- quite caught up in digital photography. I had it with darkroom work many years ago.)

The third feature of the event was a poetry reading by Caitie Moore. For the record, the other artists are Angie Terry and Kristen Densmore.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the post. I wouldn't want to go back to film. Too much work and to expensive.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

The reflector of the first lamp looks like it once belonged to a model A Ford or similar.


Granny J said...

steve -- my LH did a lot of Ektacolor prints in the darkroom, which is a two-person job, tho the results were terrific.

bro -- that may be the original source, tho I recall cheap student-type lampts with similar reflectors.

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