Friday, April 24, 2009

Corn Story

Tippy the saurian isn't the only reason to carry a camera to our downtown library. Art abounds on the walls as as well as in the courtyard guarded by that wonderful bronze cougar. What I am showing today is a series of sculptured sand paintings by Susan Popko, acquired in 2007. They depict the corn story, which suggests that Popko is Hopi or other puebloan. I quote from the plaque that accompanies the sculptures.

When the rain fell, breezes were soft and the sun warmed the earth, corn seeds were planted.

Corn seedlings had to be protected from the raiding birds.

The corn crop also had to be protected from the hungry deer.

After a good harvest, as night approached, the tribe danced in celebration.


Warren said...

Good find -- those are nice. I like that kind of art, a lot of different features, abstractions, symbolism with something different catching my eye each time I look at it.

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

Jarart said...

Beautiful post.

Granny J said...

warren -- the problem is that the colors are so subtle, you might well miss the art up against those bricks of the same color. I know that I did!

steve -- glad you enjoyed. Different from that squirrel family, tho...

jarart -- thank you; the art is certainly different from that which you usually see at the library (which is also good...)

meggie said...

I love the subtle colours, & the symbolism. Beautiful to my eyes.

Granny J said...

meggie -- the simplicity of the lines is based upon traditional sand painting ... hence only earth colors.

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