Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A portfolio of playhouses

When I was of the age for a playhouse, it was the Depression of the 30s. And so, to the extent that I had a playhouse, it was a pretend playhouse. Perhaps an old cardboard box or lines drawn in the dirt to mark out rooms. Very different times, those. Real playhouses were definitely way down the list of luxury items.

Not so any more. Oh, to have had a neat middle class playhouse like this. Homemade, I'd say, looking at it carefully, but not a structure that would cause neighbors to raise an eyebrow or complain.

This was the playhouse of my great-niece in Memphis. Nice touch, that slide in place of a staircase. I wouldn't be surprised if the Famous Niece from Memphis found the little house by the side of the road or traded someone for it. She has a talent for doing well by saving money.

This little neat playhouse was hiding in a woodsy section of town.

I'm not particularly fond of plastic, but this compact little house had to fit in a small front yard. And, besides, it does have a skylight! On the other hand, there's this castle (below) my ex-sister-in-law (we're divorced) kept for her Memphis grandkids; now that they're older, being of plastic it makes a fine bin for mulching yard leaves.

Then there are the real homemades, put together with whatever wood or other material is at hand. These two, above and below, look most like the few playhouses I remember from way back in time. Especially the treehouse. A few kids in my day had platforms in trees, but seldom anything more elaborate.

Certainly nothing like this elegant, highrise in the trees out in Chino Valley. I mean, the children are lucky if their parents don't commandeer this treehouse. I wouldn't mind having my computer up in such quarters.

And now, the big news -- a wee new javelina that must have hatched just this week. I got this photo from friend Bob just yesterday.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Is that little critter from whence the ever popular "SWINE" flu eminates??


Jarart said...

Cute little piggy. Loved the playhouses and story.

Anonymous said...

I loved the just hatched javelina! It is acutually cute.

Granny J said...

bro -- wrong critter! We call them pigs, but we are being very loose with our language. They are peccaries. Collared peccaries (note the collars on both Mom & tad.)

jarart -- I had a couple more playhouses, but couldn't find them on the huge archive. Glad you enjoyed.

dagny -- according to Firefly Forest down in Tucson, they are actually playful little critters.

Lucy said...

I love that castle turned into a leaf mulch store, very resourceful!

Granny J said...

lucy -- that's typical of my ex-sister-in-law (we're divorced). She has a very, very quirky sense of humor.

meggie said...

I am fascinated by those Javelina. I know I would not be, if I had bulbs planted, & they dug them up to eat!

One of my friends had a playhouse much like the first one pictured... I was eaten up with envy! Her father was a builder.

Granny J said...

Ah -- how fortunate those kids whose parents were carpenters or builders!

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