Sunday, April 19, 2009

Epic trees

The pair of old, old cottonwoods at McCormick and Willis has been gone at least two years now. However, there remain a few wonderful trees in downtown Prescott. If I were to name them, I'd start with the pair of huge conifers that dwarf the Catholic Charities building on Gurley at Summit. I tried, but was not really able to catch the size (above and below)!

Next door down the hill is yet another, different conifer -- not bad, but not comparable.

However, to me the prize for the most remarkable tree in town will be found on Granite Street as you walk north from the Chase bank. Here are the leaves you'll almost touch as you pass underneath ... the Super, Giant Ivy Tree below.

Examine the picture carefully. You'll see that the real tree, which is supporting this immense vine, is just coming into leaf. Another week or two and it would not have been possible to picture the extent of the ivy. Adult ivy, of course. I've often wondered just how long this particular tree, with its heavy burden, will survive.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

It's too bad that I lack the smarts to photo the two gums (Eucalypts) in my back yard. They're both about 60ft high and shade approx 50% of our quarter acre block. Leaves and spalling bark are periodically a pain, but the O2 and shade yielded and C captured are worth it.


Granny J said...

bro -- it doesn't take smarts. What you have to do is get far enough away to get them in the frame -- if it can be done.

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