Sunday, April 12, 2009

Memphis azaleas & a Jabberwocky meme

In yesterday's post, I had meant to include these pictures sent me by my ex-sister-in-law (we're divorced), sent, I suspect to remind me that Spring can be overwhelming in the South, i.e., Memphis. Growing azaleas like these in Prescott would drawn down the Big Chino aquifer in a decade!

My thanks to the SIL/WD for reminding me that abundance comes in many different flavors across these United States. Enjoy.

A New Meme: Let's call it the Jabberwocky Meme. I have reproduced below several of those wonderful captcha words that presumably prevent spam machines from making comments on blogs, articles and such. Some services generate strings of letters and numbers that are not only meaningless but also lack any possibility of meaning. On the other hand, Blogger's captcha strings could easily be words, much like "gyre and gimble in the wabe". My challenge for you, dear readers, is to come up with a definition and/or usage for these words:



Kim said...

frychi- that's what happens when your chi is all out of wack and you need an acupuncturist real bad.

Love the pics of the flowers...makes me miss the midwest summers...

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

A few possibilities:
the contraction of the phrase 'where is the' as in 'worista loo'??

the act of lunching at dinnertime

a conflict between a pterido and a zygo

an autobiographical verse

a very small adding machine

an east Texas hangman

a siamese cow

I'm still thinking.


stitchwort said...

houslych - a ramshackle sort of back porch, where you can leave your wellies, the dog lead, and a few onions from the garden.

frychi - very fashionable way to cook vegetables.

dumfur - our cat.

Granny J said...

everybody -- what a great start on the Jabberwocky Meme! Any more out there, folks????

Cheryl Ann said...

Worista...I'm a worista! I worry about everything!

Anonymous said...

Poami: Poor Armi (American) as Germans call Americans.

Steve in Germany

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

DUMFUR: A blond's winter wrap.


Kate said...

I am dynching work this Frychi, taking the dumfur dog into the worista to get him one of those new, crazy paomi hairdos. I calca it will be a phyte expensive but it’s a bimmu option to haing a new cleaning service to handle the houslych. With the mud and bad dog's spring shedding this place is beginning to look like a cesth pool.

(I generally talk like this after a few beers :)

Rache said...

worista - the view seen when gazing out across an earthworm farm.

phyte - in ancient times, what Phonecian guys did on Phyte Nyte.

poami - a huge wave in the pond on the set of TeleTubbies.

calca - slang for poop in Schwarznegger's state.

Dumfur - an unexplored region of a region of the Sudan.

frychi - the phenomenon that occurs when one end of an accupuncture needle is inserted into a person's energy meridian, and the other is inserted into a high voltage power source.

Granny J said...

rache -- another neat set of definitions. Especially frychi, which seems to be the most responses. BTW, is this TONFM?

Rache said...

Sorry, no lo comprendo "TONFM". I am admitting to the entire world that I don't text very much. Yes, it's true. Sometimes, in context I can figure out abbreviations, but OMG and ROFL is most of my vocab.

Granny J said...

rache -- then you are a different Rache; the term refers to The Other Niece from Memphis.

Granny J said...

kate -- apologies for not acknowledging your splendid, if drunken, contribution to our definitions...they were great!

P.L. Frederick said...

I've got a new one for you: slasturd. Hee hee! Someone commenting on my post about it specifically mentioned you. Like you, I'd like to make some of these "captchas" real words. In fact, best definition of slasturd I get before May 1st will be hailed as a conquering hero (click for info). Of sorts.

P.L. Frederick (Small & Big)

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