Monday, April 27, 2009

What's up overhead at the library

Once again, it's quilts, courtesy of the Thumb Butte Quilters' Guild. The library calls the venue its "Look Up" Gallery. I call it the impossible-to-photograph location. Too bad -- as ever, the quilts represent topnotch craftsmanship and are great to look at.

If you wonder about the weird angle, credit the lights that are quite in the way for straight forward pix of most of the quilts.

In case the dotter doesn't recognize it, this quilt celebrates a trip to Alaska. Now that I look closely, I see many orcas as well as tall trees and a glacier. All that's missing is the volcano.

I think the zinnia quilt was my favorite. That or the chickens.

Serious Links: Normally, my linkage deals with the interesting, the beautiful, the amusing. For a change, some heavy-weight stuff. Let's start with our local foreclosure blog, which reports a fact that hasn't made the front page of our daily paper -- the Prescott metro area (i.e., Yavapai County) ranked #25 on the nationwide list of metro areas hardest hit by foreclosures in the 1st quarter of the year. You may have seen comments by Boonie; he has changed the focus of his blog from travel to brief essays, such as a commentary comparing the green movement to a religion. For a dose of the current economic bad news in interactive graphics, visit Slate's Disappearing Jobs map. Then there's Fred, who bemoans the evolution of the newspaper city room from a smoke-filled home of hard-bitten, hard-news cynics into a sanitized, polite, non-smoking and tedious environment. Amen! I started my own journalism life as a copy boy on the old Chicago Sun. Dropping into Kappy's Bar & Grill to get whisky in a paper cup for one reporter or running the latest handicaps over to the Daily Racing Form for the slotman on the copy desk as well as sharpening handfuls of soft lead pencils and interleaving cheap yellow copy paper with carbon paper to make "books". Back then, type was set by wandering linotype operators who 1) could spell and 2) were sharp in a way that only the self-educated can be . Too bad that world has vanished.


Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous quilts, and yes... sad about the linotypists.

We are dumbing down in many ways.

~Anon in AV.

Jarart said...

Beautiful shots of the quilts. Thanks for showing them.

Granny J said...

anon av -- we wouldn't have nearly all those typos and misspellings if newspapers still depended upon old fashioned linotype operators instead of spell checkers.

jarart -- I'm glad I got those pictures when I did -- the show is over at the end of the month.

meggie said...

Thankyou for sharing the quilts. I love the Zinnias too. They are all nice to see.

Granny J said...

meggie -- quilts are always so very pretty that I love to post their pictures!

quilteddogs said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilts. Very colorful.

Granny J said...

qd -- The quilters' guild has a library display at least once per year. As a quilter, you should check the schedule at the library. Also -- quilts have been displayed at the Adult Center; don't know if this is an ongoing arrangement at this venue.

Cheryl Ann said...

I LOVE all the quilts! I have one from my great-grandmother, but I enjoyed seeing all the ones in your library! What a great idea.

Granny J said...

ca -- if you're into quilts, do a search on that word in the upper lefthand corner. We have had quilt displays at the Adult Center and at the Skull Valley annual ice cream social as well as previous shows at the library.

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