Friday, April 17, 2009

On my way to the Thai take-out

Prescott is rapidly moving into walking season. I had a taste for a Thai take-out dinner and so set out shortly after four, hence the long shadows you will see in today's pictures. Number one is my white evening primrose, with at least three buds, one of which might possibly open tonight. That is, if the javelina don't show up; they're quite fond of evening primrose roots. Over by the school, there was an outstanding bit of civic graffiti (below).

I've never taken a picture of these granites; aren't they handsome? As are the gnarled limbs of a turbinella oak. The big knots most likely resulted from major mistletoe infestation once upon a time.

This particular walk takes me past two fine sets of digital fences, particularly the specimen below which races downhill, section by section.

The owners of the truck above were scouting a house; said house was on the market two years ago at over $600Gs; today it's a short sale at $325 thou. Fancy That, BTW, has long since moved here from the Valley -- it's located over on McCormick. The truck below? No idea what it was up to; however, the trailer boasted a mighty long bed.

Signs of gentrification...

vs. the down-home neighborhood that was...

At Tai Phoon, I was invited to join Nigel (above) and Tracy (below) for a beer with my curry. Not only is Prescott a friendly town -- but in what other small town will one casually meet a student from SE Asia who hopes to fly jets for Singapore Airlines or a young woman from Brooklyn who recently got her degree in global security and intelligence studies?

Blogger Meet-Up: a reminder of our picnic this Sunday at 1 p.m. over at Flinn Park, 280 Josephine. Hope to see you there.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Those descending fences are a tad remimescent of a bit of Bach--very organised and very straight up.


Anonymous said...

We have a small Thai establishment in the area, but I haven't visited it. Something I need to do.

Linda G. said...

A fun and varied post, GJ!
I do hope those pesky, prowling pecary don't get your primrose:)

Granny J said...

bro -- my LH would argue that you've left out one important side of Bach -- the passion.

steve -- do go -- Thai food is a wonderful change. I just wish we had a German place closer than Lynx Lake!

lindaG -- me too, but those critters are very, very persistent.

Anonymous said...

Can't somebody in your town invent a scarecrow for those javalina?

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