Monday, April 13, 2009

Elephants? In Prescott?

Well, of course. If a subject can be turned into any form of pop art or kitsch, it will show up in one or another local shop, such as the piece above at Tuesday Morning. Or it may even appear on someone's deck staircase (below). Thoroughly cutsie; recent remarks I made about the dignity of lions apply to elephants, as well.

A picture from the outdoor elephant department over at WalMart West (above) and a resale shop (below).

And a pair of carved elephants at one of the McCormick Street antiqueries.

Linkage: I'm quite taken by surprise; it turns out that Susie of Arabia lived in Prescott at one time. You'll find her visit to a rose water factory an interesting sidelight on the Kingdom. Boonie ponders just what one of Tolstoy's characters would say about Wall Street's abashed bright boys, while Tombo meets up with GIs who ferry those wicked looking choppers across the country; seems they often pop into Love Field for a hamburger.


worldphotos4 said...

I like the carved ones. What material was used?

TomboCheck said...

Elephants everywhere! Definitely a newer fad for the area. I even found one painted on a sidewalk down McCormick street.

Thanks for the link as well. :)

Margaret Cloud said...

What a nice post, I like Elephants, they are so gentle looking for their size. I like your pair of carved ones.

Jarart said...

I painted an elephant once.....
Fun post as was the Jabberwocky meme!

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