Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Accidental skull?

Oh, the strange things one sees when out walking around Prescott. What could it be? Any of you who recall seeing shapes in the clouds as a child ought to be able to come up with possibilities.

Misc. Links: In case you haven't seen the mysterious spiral of lights in the Norwegian sky, Space Weather has a still image; the Berman post includes videos that show how the lights developed, giving a very different picture of what happened; the final two of the three videos are best. In a less serious moment, you might take a look at a huge domino run over at YouTube.


Changes in the wind said...

Yep, looks like a skull and kind of eerie.

azlaydey said...

You are SOOOOO observant! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...


So, you hunkered down during the storm? Hurricane-like winds? Wow!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

windy -- isn't it ever...

lady -- I don't know -- it sat in my great huge iPhoto folder for a long time before I noticed that picture in particular.

anon av -- it's two days later & I'm still hunkered.

Kathleen said...

Wild! I love seeing surprises in the photos of common things.

We had wind like crazy out in Paulden, too - lots of rain that turned to ice and almost no snow =p
Yep - light a fire and keep on hunkerin'

Avus said...

Well observed, Granny! It certainly is a weird likeness. I remember, as a boy, lying on my back in a straw field looking at the clouds change in the blue sky.

Granny J said...

frame -- it's certainly great when a surprise pops out at you when you are going through a folder of photos for the umpteenth time.

avus -- that was a picture I remembered taking -- then it frustrated me by disappearing among all the other photos & a couple of nights ago, it popped out at me again.

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