Friday, December 04, 2009

Waiting for the auction?

Well used, vintage vehicles spotted in the Batterman's auction house parking lot.

The sedan is anchored; its tires were flat as a pancake. Right and to the rear of the sedan, a Jeep, another elderly pickup and it looks like two utility vehicles, as well, hiding behind the truck. Surely they don't drive those any of those babies onto the auction floor?


Catalyst said...

I think those two vehicles behind the truck are tractors. Looks like it from this angle.

Anonymous said...

I love old vehicles!

~Anon in AV.

Sally said...

Oooh... great old vehicles! I hope they find good homes. What a collection!

Granny J said...

cat-A -- that's what I thought they might be. Periodically I've seen a small garden tractor and even a sporty convertible inside Batterman's.

anon av -- all sorts of collectors in these parts.

sally -- this reminds me that maybe I should pop by in a few days to see if a collection is being assembled for a cars-only auction.

Avus said...

Your old yankee pick-up trucks have great character, methinks. That first one is surely an old Dodge?

Granny J said...

avus -- I'll leave the IDing up to you; as a lifelong pedestrian, I don't do car identifications well at all.

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