Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The rest of the glass

Last night, I said that I had more stained glass in the folder. Here it is, a highly varied lot.

First stop, a follow up visit to the American Lutheran Church, whose glorious Art Deco sunburst stained glass I blogged early in 2008. The luscious grapes (above) are details from one of two panels that flank the church entrance. Below are sections from a tall panel that lights a staircase to the sanctuary.

My mind is a total blank regarding this stained glass object; I remember neither the occasion or the place, though the actual photograph declares that it must be in the modern condo at the SE corner of Gurley and McCormick -- unless it was a weird angle from Bashford House. Be that as it may, there it is -- more stained glass.

Last night, I mentioned small windows near the roofs of old Victorian houses. Here's an example from a modern Victorian; not quite as much fun as the stained glass frog in another of the houses built at the same time. BTW, knowing that the houses in question were built in the 19-aught90s, it's entirely possible that these are plastic rather than glass, as suggested by Steve in his comment yesterday.

These two pictures hang in the window out at the Lynx Lake Store/Restaurant. (Of course, I dedicate the cat to Catalyst.) You could probably find all the pretty birds (below) here in Prescott except for the cardinal. Curious -- we often saw the R.E.D. birds just the other side of the Prietas down in Wilhoit but they don't appear to have come up the White Spar as yet. Plenty of them down in Phoenix.

The Prescott College coffee shop is where I saw the panel above, dedicated to agriculture in both the developed and the Third World. As for the elegant coffee table below, it's home was one of the many antique/collectible shops around town. (Oh, bother, GJ -- you need to go back to Oatmeal's Apostrophe Comics for a review. That should read "its home".)

Alternate Transportation: Who needs to spend money with the Middle East when you've got in-line skates? Imagine this on the White Spar.


OmegaMom said...

The square 3-D sculpt is in Bashford House; you can see the sign for Sharlot Hall in front of it, through the window.

Some very splendid stained glass pics, mamasan!

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

This and your previous post are most specky(spectacular).

Here, most pre 20's homes had at least a coloured panel in the front door or one in a 'port hole' in a front wall and slightly up market homes had coloured lead lites in prominant windows.

By the 30's colour was gone, but clear and textured lead lites were common in front windows also the front door--as is thecase with our vintage 1934 casa.


Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Those are fabulous photos.

Thank you for sharing.

Catalyst said...

Thank you for the cat . . . and all the other beautiful photos.

Avus said...

I think we will buy the coffee table from the antique shop and install it below the window of the Prescott College coffee shop. Perfect!

diana said...


occupation of independence said...

I've always loved stained glass in churches. Ditto for the geometrical patterns of the Islamic tradition.

But do they ever use stained glass in mosques, with the geometrical design?

the Boonie

Granny J said...

dotter -- thanks for your sharp eyes!

bro -- and thanks for your report on the Aussie use of colored glass.

tales -- I'm glad you enjoyed.

cat-A -- I always enjoy your cat reportage & felt a dedication was in order.

avus -- what an excellent suggestion.

diana -- good to hear from you.

boonie -- I had no idea, but consulted with The Google and the answer is a resounding YES. Try this picture for starters.

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