Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Caged borer

By this time, everybody should know the drill: whatever is first in line in front of the lens is where the camera will focus. Which results in pictures of twigs instead of birds in trees. Smushed bugs on the windshield instead of purple mountain majesties. And a chain link fence instead of earth moving equipment with a giant borer attachment. Nonetheless, the combination makes for an interesting picture as a placeholder while I go prep the house for the Merry Maids, arriving first thing in the morning. Getting ready for the much-anticipated Christmas invasion.


Yavapai Central said...

Bless those Merry Maids. Jim calls them the Merry Marauders. They're coming to our house tomorrow, too! Funny how "focus" is everything...

Anonymous said...

What, your actual, "analog" family are more important that your virtual, cyberspace blog readers??


Seriously, GJ, thanks for thinking of us. Love the creative focus.

Enjoy all of your preparations for that wonderful Christmas invasion.

Party time at GJ's house!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

yc -- The Maids are one of my self-indulgences in my later years. Otherwise my family would have to put up with my slovenly ways!

anon av -- there's just something about analog love, kiddo! Try a virtual hug & see how well it satisfies closeness hunger! Besides, there will be wheels to take me places I can't walk to...

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