Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our share of the Big Storm

Yes, the big coast-to-coast storm earlier this week did pass over Prescott, bringing us our first moisture in over a month. As such, it was welcome. Not so the high winds. But the winds are another story. Later. Tonight, the subject is snow.

Usually the result of a snow storm is a load of of the white stuff on our pines and naked deciduous trees. At first, on Monday afternoon, the snow began to build up on the Ponderosa (above) and the Scotch pine (below). By the next morning, most had been blown off, which is too bad. As long as we're going to have a snow storm, that Christmas card look is one of the big payoffs. However, the start was pretty.

Though we had about six inches total, it didn't pile up very high on the juniper or tree branches.

My strawberry pot will be well watered; the snow is melting very gradually. Meaning that it is cold. As in BRRR!

Our street, being unpaved never sees the snow plow. That leaves a neat canvas for interesting tire patterns.

The embankment collects various critter tracks, primarily dogs and the occasional cat, whereas the road (below) collects people prints (left) together with dog meanderings (right).

Here's my neighbor with Toby, who's straining at his leash to catch the frisbee.

When I finally ventured out into greater Prescott, the major streets were reasonably well plowed, though there was still a covering of snow. That was on Wednesday. Today, Thursday, my street is still snow covered -- and we're expecting another storm this weekend. And another next week. All thanks to that El Nino dominating the Pacific this season.

All About the Storm: The Prescott Pines Camp suffered major damage from the winds, including a Ponderosa that crashed into its dining hall. For a round-up of news about the storm, check out the Courier story; I don't know if electric service has been restored in all the outlying areas or not. NASA's Earth Observatory has a great big picture of the Big Storm here.


Anonymous said...

Yup, y'all did get dumped on.

Yes to more snow, no to more winds.

Hunker down!

~Anon in AV.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

I'm pleased that water has come your way--not here, we being on the wrong of el nino. Supposed to be close to 100F on Christmas day. Cold meat and salad for dinner.


Steve said...

GJ, lots of snow there. our winter has been mild, so far. We do expect some snow tommorrow, but I can wait.

Avus said...

Very Christmassy, Granny! Loved the images of the tracks in the snow.

Granny J said...

avus -- it's nice to look Christmas-y, but I hope the roads are clear when all my family starts arriving for the holidays...and, secretly, I hope it warms up a lot.

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