Friday, December 18, 2009

Small lobby, neat pieces

The St. Michael Hotel lobby is not a place for gathering nor, really, for just sitting to watch the passing parade, unlike, say, the Hassayampa Inn. For that, you have to move next door into the hotel's bistro. However, the few pieces of period furniture populating the small area were certainly worth a picture or two.

Neat chairs, though they wouldn't stand up under regular use by the Sson or any of the other young men that used to visit us back in Chicago. Definitely not designed for hotel usage. (I don't remember just how many chairs we lost over the years to everyday wear and tear from young guys who just have to wiggle, lean back and do all those other things that loosen joints and otherwise destroy perfectly good furniture).

On the other hand, stop to admire this ornate credenza. I think that it would hold up well to a legion of youths climbing on it, kicking it and otherwise abusing it. All except for the drawers -- those handles would go in no time at all.

Undersea Volcano: New video from undersea exploration shows how a volcano burbles up at depths of 4000+ feet. Eerie stuff.


azlaydey said...

Furniture used to be made of real wood and were works of art!!

Steve said...

Nice items and photos GJ. You'd have to spend a lot of time polishing to keep them tip top.

Lucy said...

I always enjoy these interiors from your part of the world. It seems to me that much of the New World is very rich in beautiful wood, which amazes and impresses us Old Worlders, while we seem to provoke envy with our old stones, which we largely take for granted.

Granny J said...

lady -- that's why one buys certain kinds of furniture only at The Second Hand Man or Batterman's.

steve -- not my cup of tea, doing all that polishing!

lucy -- I had no idea that Europeans had any reason to remark our wooden furniture, though I guess that we may have a lot more forest standing.

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