Thursday, December 03, 2009

Come on, baby, light my fire

Brr! The AccuWeather blogger is predicting back-to-back winter storms next week, storms of an El Nino persuasion. We might even get a wee bit of moisture in Arizona. Further, he suggests that at last, we might be in for the usual long series of storms we expect in El Nino years.

Today the cold really arrived. When my companions and I arrived at the Lynx Lake restaurant for breakfast this morning, we were greeted by this wonderful, warm fire.

The fireplace is made from local schist; unfortunately, in getting this picture, the flash overpowered the flames!

Another major feature of the restaurant. Too bad this massive hearth has been turned into furniture; can't you imagine a fire or even a gas log in that empty space? I have wondered if this piece was imported from Europe by the German couple who own the restaurant and store. The pictures below show details; enjoy.

But wait! There's one more fireplace out at the Lynx Lake emporium -- the biggest honking chimenea I've ever seen. It's a new addition to the outdoor eating facilities.

Pretty Pictures, a Crazy Cat & Other Links: Neat picture of peeling manzanita branches from Karoliina; Del, up in Flag got his camera extra close to a great horned owl. Next, mosey on over to Catalyst, who is showing the weird way a French cat has figured out to drink its fill of water; thanks, Cat-A for posting the clip so I could link to it. The last link is for the bicycle enthusiast; Avus is the proud owner of a 60s Rudge-Superbe, a gentleman's bicycle. He recounts its story, accompanied by detailed images.


Brenda's Arizona said...

Granny, that is one awesome chimenea!
My brother will be in Prescott this weekend - he is one of the Rough Riders who will be at the court house tree lighting ceremonies. I told him to look for you!

Steve said...

Nice piece of woodwork. Enjoyed the post.

Catalyst said...

14 degrees (F) this morning and rain and snow in the forecast. Brrr!

Think I'll have to try that cafe on a Saturday night for their German food.

Granny J said...

brenda -- it's really a grand chimenea; I'm looking forward to seeing it in action one of these days.

steve -- I'm curious -- does the woodwork look to be in the German style?

cat-A -- that's one of the reasons why I wasn't out today to see brenda's brother in the parade. Too cold for my old bones.

Steve said...

I really couldn't say. Lots of woodwork here, but various areas of the country do things differently.

Granny J said...

steve -- thanks; I just sorta link that style with northern Europe in my mind...

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