Saturday, December 12, 2009

Critter exotica

Lest you believe that Prescott's critter exotica is limited to javelina and ring-tailed cats, I've collected here other beasties I've seen while wandering our town. 'Frinstance, that's one fine toucan spotted at the Grayleaf Galleries last winter.

The gilt-encrusted rhino was for sale at the gift shop in the Prescott Resort, which had a rather grand collection of frogs, painted ponies and other goodies.

The camel (above) and the elephants (below) were photographed in one of our many collectible shops.

On the other hand, the life-size giraffes made their home down in Cordes Lakes. BTW, does anyone know what has happened to the outfit that was selling the giant made-in-Mexico giraffes and lions and saurians; I'm told that they have left their yard across I-17 from Anthem.

In my book, the critter above must certainly be a firebird, don't you think? It, too, resided at the Grayleaf.

As for the zebra, it happened soon after I handed the younger granddotter an empty toilet paper roll one day this past summer.

Linkage: If you don't read the comments, you may have missed the wonderful clock that Avus linked to. For a fun trip, you might follow the pair of Arkansas lads who rode west on their bikes; in the process they discovered the White Spar. Among new local bloggers is a woman with two Maine coon cats. And yet another article about Arcosanti, the Utopia that wasn't.


Brenda's Arizona said...

Granny, our nearby pottery corner has taken to selling the giraffes, gorillas, elephants. This place isn't a 'store', it is a tent full of pots and chili ristras, and now copper animals that are HUGE and watch over the traffic. I am not sure how the owner 'locks' his place down at night, but every day it is in place, hoping you stop.

AZ said...

I spoke with the gentleman that ran the giant metal animal yard the week before he closed up shop. He said that his sales had dropped to a point that it no longer made sense to keep the yard open, he was moving back to Mexico where his wife and brother were running their main metal fabricating yard. He's still building his giant figures in Mexico, just couldn't manage to keep the Anthem yard open.

Granny J said...

brenda -- interesting, in view of what AZ says below. I can't imagine there not being a market somewhere for those HUGE critters, but I suppose that sales follow sales of houses.

AZ -- thanks for the info. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. However, I wonder about Brenda's report -- would these be the same animals?

Kathleen said...

Hands down, the zebra is the best *winks*

Granny J said...

frame -- I agree, but then I suffer from proud grandma-ism.

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