Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A pair of big boring bits

Last night's post reminded me that I did have, somewhere in my big iPhoto folder, good pictures, in focus pictures of those great big bits used to make great big holes in the ground. The pix date from a couple of years ago, about the time all that work was going on out Iron Springs Road. As I recall, the best of the shots were made by the Sson.

I'm sure that in the great scheme of things, these drill bits are ho hum -- no oil wells or sample cores from Antarctic ice, for instance. But I still find them impressive.


Kathleen said...

hehe - I took pictures of the ones that were down at the grade school at the end of Granite St. and Goodwin. They are kind of neat looking, I think - it was fun to see them drill.

Granny J said...

frame -- I would like to have seen that operation. As you can tell, I'm quite fascinated by heavy duty earth moving equipment in its many variations.

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