Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Prescott Critters

The Courier has reported major animal sightings locally -- yet another mountain lion in a resident's yard, to be specific. Me? I haven't even glimpsed a javelina lately. No, my critter adventures are pretty tame at this moment.

For example: the columbine is a lovely, photogenic flower. The colors. The curved spurs. The cluster of anthers and pistils. The delicate petals. The aphids. Yes, the native Arizona uplands yellow columbine does attract a goodly supply of little green aphids -- nor did I see overseer ants attending them. The critters show up best on the left stem. FYI, my plants appear to prosper despite the aphids.

Also from my potted garden -- this young fellow, in his 1st or 2nd instar, I'd guess. He had been clinging to this dried out Dutch iris blossom for some time. Perhaps he had recently emerged. In any event, he posed nicely. It took a major wave of my hand to get him to jump.

Just who emerged from this husk clinging to my big-flowered sedum? Certainly not a critter of the butterfly or moth persuasion. I've no idea.

Here's a pic from a recent walk. I don't know if I managed to catch the ant lion's claws or not! When I found this insect trap, the ant lion was busy tossing sand to capture the prey which had fallen in. He was still throwing sand when I left the scene. Hope he managed a good meal.

Now for a critter that's maybe a bit more cuddly -- one of the neighborhood doves. This pole top actually belongs to the acorn woodpeckers, but they've apparently been too busy with nesting activities to venture out gossipping.

As for the bunny, it's entertainment for the ladies and gentlemen over at Las Fuentes Assisted Living. The window glass in the dining room is tinted so that residents can look out, but the rabbit can't see in, thus I found it easy to take several pictures as bunny munched out on grass. Spotting the rabbit is a high point in the day for many of the elders -- a welcome window on the outside world.


Lucy said...

Bugs and bunnies!
I haven't been here for too long - even missed your radio interview.

Granny J said...

Always glad to have you visit, Ms. Lucy! Thank you for noting the B&B theme -- it was totally unconscious on my part!

k said...

That looks like a cicada husk.

It's the time when the extra-big batch of 17-year cicadas emerge here. My folk's trees are covered with them.

There are a number of different species, living in the ground as little as 1 year, and they do live pretty much all over the country. I couldn't see the front legs very well, but they often look like vicious claws. I'd guess cicada from the general appearance, though.

Beautiful, beautiful pix. Just gorgeous.

Granny J said...

Good to see that you arrived, k. I'm not sure about the cicada ID. We have two kinds here that I know of and they both tend to wait for the summer rains before emerging. BTW, this evening I spotted a teensy mantid -- the little guy was just about 1/4 inch long! He's got a lot of growing and shedding to do before he reaches July/August and real praying mantis hunting activities. Did I have my camera handy? No way. Arggghhh!

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