Monday, May 14, 2007

Prima Ballerina

In this case, the prima refers to first-time. As you may recall, I went away this weekend to be a proper granny. This included taking pictures of how you turn a little 5-year-old into an absolute, ageless glamour-puss with a heavy touch of stage make-up. Scary!

Before we take off for the performance -- a proper ballet pose. With a difference. Tutu plus cowboy boots, a gift from Dad for a little one who is absolutely head over heels in love with horsies.

The theme for this year's recital -- the USA in its many variations, plus a touch of patriotism.

Grandchild's number was, like most, short. No time to get positioned away from that interfering head on the left!

I was impressed by the attention to detail with this production -- up to and including a place for proud fathers (or moms or grandparents) who forgot to buy posies for their dancing princesses (I may have counted as many as three male types up on the stage out of maybe 75 or more.)

Our little one with her flowers.

What to do about the slippers? Not meant for any surface but the dance floor; on the other hand, next fall when lessons start again, what size will she be wearing. But kicking off the shoes is standard operating procedure for her in any event.

An easy solution.


linda g said...

What fun! What an adorable ballerina! Love the pink cowboy boots too.

Anonymous said...

The boots add a touch of western class.

Avus said...

Wonderful! Her pride shines through.

Granny J said...

Linda & steve -- salesman at the western wear store didn't take SIL seriously (liberal beard & all that) until he pointed out that she already owns a proper lariat (not a play rope.)

Avus -- she was really excited, too, and wanted to keep that make-up on all day. (It came off!)

JuliaR said...

I loved the pink boots!
If she is really crazy about horses, let her watch this wonderful video of the horse who came in second at the World Dressage Championships. I can't stop watching it.

If the link doesn't work right, do a YouTube search for the rider's name ANDREAS HELGSTRAND and I'm sure it will come up then. Enjoy.

k said...

Oh my. How absolutely enchanting.


You must LOVE being a granny! It doesn't hurt any to have such great *material* to work with.

Granny J said...

Thanks, Julia, for the link -- I've passed it along to my daughter. Which reminds me that I'm looking to find any local gymkhanas or weekend roping turns out that nothing has happened down at the Kirkland Bar arena in several years. Too bad.

And,k, I'm very fortunate as a grandmother -- 3 kids, all neat guys. The 2 older ones will be visiting next month -- I see them maybe once a year if I'm lucky.

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