Monday, May 07, 2007

The Arms of Hollywood

One of my breakfast buddies is both a gun fancier and a well known gun leather craftsman; he insisted that I should attend a major showing out in Chino Valley Saturday. On display on the grounds at Doreen's: pieces featured in classic Western TV & movies plus a few SF extravaganzas.

It was not our usual sunshine sort of day -- instead, grey, chilly, with rain in the distance if not at the scene. Chino was a surprising location for the Stembridge Gun Arsenal Collection on display. Speculation: possibly a major client out that way or perhaps its location near Gunsight.

Rifles and shotguns from major films...

...featuring fine workmanship -- plus the aura of the stars who used them.

Note the policeman. The rep from Little John's Auction Service claimed some rather astronomical values present on those tables.
Guns and leather worn by the Cartwrights on Bonanza.

A pair of ladylike pistols used by Batman's Catwoman, plus Richard Boone's Derringer. Among others.

The odd looking broomhandle Mauser in the corner was brandished by Han Solo in the original Star Wars. The auctioneer man says they expect it to fetch around $150Gs.

More hand guns, including specials from Terminator II, The Blues Brothers, and Magnum PI.

And real fantasy pieces created for Wild Wild West.

The collection had been bought from the Stembridge prop house by Robert Peterson, publisher of Guns & Ammo magazine. Gossip has it that he was interested in founding a museum, but his heirs just aren't. Hence the auction.

If you feel rich enough to buy into the Hollywood dream, plan on an Anaheim trip June 5-6. Details at Little John's.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a gun collector, but there is some interesting history on those tables.

Brings back memories. Bonanza, Paladin, etc...

Avus said...


Granny J said...

And amazing, too!

Steve -- it's a curious corner of history of the pop culture brand...

And, Avus -- I'm always astounded at the price presumably grown-up folks will pay to indulge their fantasies. My breakfast buddy, for example, has customers from around the world -- and his prices are definitely not cheap. said...
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OriginalPropBlog said...

Hi Granny J,

Thanks for the report and photos about the Stembridge Collection preview in your area. I was fortunate enough to attend the auction event in Los Angeles last month. It was nice to see your photos of all those amazing pieces (similar to how they were presented at auction).

I have linked to your blog article here, as part of my series of articles on the event. :)

Thanks again,


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