Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meditation Garden on Summit

Head to the entrance of the United Methodist Church, then take a look over the wall for a pretty sight. I believe this pleasant fountain is a new addition to the small meditation garden, as is the circular seating below.

There are also new plantings -- much sparser than in previous versions of the garden. Hope they include vines, to soften the formality; obviously, vines need time to achieve the desired end.

Tucked in between the comparatively new sanctuary and a smaller classroom building, the garden faces out onto Summit Street. I was at the upper level when taking the pictures.

One of the two large conifer trees that have established themselves in the little plot. It is located, by the way, at a point where the USGS topo shows a small spring. I've even seen water trickling in the street in wet years (which recent years have not been.)

While I was over at the Gurley and Summit Street site, I spied four gorgeous trees in bloom next the sanctuary. They sure look like New Mexico locusts, except for three things -- the pink color is much deeper, the trees are a lot taller and the ferocious thorns are missing. Perhaps a cultivated version. FYI, there are excellent locust thickets on that rough road just before the top of Big Bug Mesa and at the last major in-bend on 89-A heading to the top of Mingus. They may still be in bloom -- mine are almost spent.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. A hidden stream, interesting.

linda g said...

A peaceful little hideaway-nice.

I love locust trees too, especially the wild, thorny, Black Locust. The sweet scent of it can drift for miles on a just little breeze.

Granny J said...

Steve-- a trickle I said, not a stream. Here in AZ, we value our trickles, believe me!

LindaG -- Very peaceful, perhaps because the gate is often locked! Locusts are very pretty trees. LH insisted upon a honey locust, which has prospered.

Amanda Thomsen said...

That's a Purple Robe Locust... I was slooking for a photo of a clump Locust and I bumped into your lovely photo...


Granny J said...

Thank you so much for the ID, Amanda. How fortunately you are to live in a part of the world with soil!

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