Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ghosts on the Square

I had a chance to drive past the square early on a recent Saturday morning to see a true still life: Courthouse Square with ghosts.

Tis the season. Of the art shows. The antique shows. The collectibles shows. The rodeo. The Tsunami on the Square. The Art Car Parade. In fact, almost any activity that will draw tourists up from the heat of Phoenix to spend their paychecks.

When I was young, in Chicago, we had only two art fairs: one in Hyde Park, the other in Old Town. Out of such modest beginnings has sprung up a veritable nationwide Industry. There is a ritual order to the weekend event. Exhibitors arrive of a Friday afternoon or evening to pitch their tents. Next morning, the fair opens and crowds gather. Comes dusk, the tents close their flaps, to open again on Sunday. Sunday evening (or Monday in the case of a long weekend), the wares are gathered, tents folded, and exhausted exhibitors drive away to recover and prepare for the next weekend's venue. Yet not a never-ending cycle; eventually, the first frost puts a stop to another summer's shows.


quilteddogs said...

I think the good thing about all the shows on the square is that it also works to get people into the shops (although, they might not really need the help). We were in Prescott this weekend and only visited the Phippen show for a few minutes and then went across the street to the shops. One of my favorites is the artist's cooperative where I have bought several items including prints that feature Prescott landmarks. This time, the artist (of these prints) was manning the shop so I was able to meet her.

Granny J said...

Was that by any chance Linne Thomas? I love her paintings of the junipers out the Perkindsville Road way!

quilteddogs said...

That is exactly who it was! She had some great prints of old cars and flowers as well.

Granny J said...

I had a bet with myself that it was she! Here's the web page for the Arts Prescott gallery and for Linne
I'm very, very fond of her work.

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