Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Sight Seldom Seen

If there's any sight that's missing from the modern American scenery, it's the old-fashioned clothes line. Imagine my surprise when I spotted this picture behind a nearby building while on my walk this afternoon. Whoever is doing this deserves a great big C-for-carbon credit! I'm sure the reason is more mundane -- like not owning a dryer. I certainly hung enough laundry when I was young -- and, yes, the romantics are right, sun-dried laundry does have a wonderful odor. However, it is a lot of work! On the other hand, doing laundry in dry Arizona sure beats doing it in a damp climate, like Florida, where you're lucky if your clothes, towels and bedding dry before the mildew sets in.

Blogging Noted: Our local paper has published an online look at several local bloggers, including yours truly. And two more of the Podcast interviews from our recent blogger meetup are online over at Prescott Arts Beat. Featured this go-round are Tom Steele of The Truth PV and Dina of That Girl Dina.


Steve G said...

This is an art still practiced in Germany. We have a dryer, but when the weather allows, clothes go on the line outside.

Granny J said...

In the USA, clotheslines are seen as too down market for words. In fact, many home-owners' associations forbid any type of outdoor laundry line.

k said...

Oh yes. We have someone out in Ft. Lauderdale - *The Venice of the Americas* - who uses a clothesline. The same way they have, in the same house, for very many years.

Far longer than their upscale neighbors have lived there.

Who view said clothesline from the deep water as they bring their boats in and out of their decks.

Causing them, according to their statements, unbearable Shame and Humiliation when their business associates and so-called Friends happen to catch a glimpse of the offending clothesline, as the neighbors are proudly showing off the environs and their $10 million boat in an attempt to impress others with their Incredibly Upscale Perfection!

Leading them to beg, plead, insult, harrass, threaten lawsuits and zoning changes, and worse, to the owner of the downscale clothesline.

The owner of the clothesline, so far, holds fast.

But the battle rages on.

Granny J said...

In the meantime, the Greenies are advocating sun-dried laundry as Good for the Environment, a vote against Global Warming and all the Good Things.

sheoflittlebrain said...

umm... tunbling into a bed made with sweet smelling, wind blown, sun dried sheets...I vaguely remember it as ultra-pleasurable.
Here on the OAW, our little renter, Tigger, hangs clothes out at least twice a week.

herhimnbryn said...

I HAVE to hang the laundry out to dry. It constantly delights me! Sunshine, kookaburras, magpies. The aroma of sun/breeze dried clothes.

We don't have a drier. A deliberate choice and in the winter, the clothes dry on the old fashioned airer that hangs from the ceiling or around the fire at night.

Granny J said...

Brain-- I admit to sending my laundry out to be done -- otherwise I'd probably have a dryer. At my age, I don't think I could hang a sheet!

By the way, hhb, my bro called last night & told me about the Hill company that make many of your clothes lines Down Under.

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